Blizen ( Limburg: Bilze ) is a Belgian municipality located in the province of Limburg. It is located near Hasselt.

Blizen consists of the villages: Beverst, Blizen Eigenbilzen, Grote - Spouwen, Hees, Hoelbeek, Small - Spouwen, Martens Linde, Mopertingen, Munsterbilzen, Rijkhoven, Rosmeer and Waltwilder who in 1977 joined together to form a community.

The town became internationally known through the jazz and rock music festival "Jazz Blizen ", which took place from 1965 to 1981.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Alfred Bertrand (1913-1986), Minister (CVP ), MEP and Chairman of the EPP Group
  • Frieda Brepoels (* 1955), politician, MEP, since 2013 Mayor of Blizen
  • Lisa del Bo ( born 1961 ), singer
  • Bert Appermont (born 1973 ), composer and musician
  • Jan- Pieter Martens ( b. 1974 ), football player and football official
  • Kim Clijsters ( b. 1983 ), tennis player
  • Jelle Vossen ( * 1989), football player


  • In the village Rijkhoven is the castle of Alden Biesen, a former seat of the German Knights.
  • In the village Munsterbilzen are the remains of a former direct imperial abbey.


  • Germany Bilsen, Germany, since 2000