Ludger Beerbaum

Ludger Beerbaum ( born August 26, 1963 in Detmold ) is a German show jumper.

He is one of the most successful international show jumper of the late 1980s, 1990s and early 2000s and won in that time, many individual and team successes, including the Olympic Games, World and European Championships.

He is the brother of Markus Beerbaum and the brother of Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum, which are both also active as a show jumper.

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Ludger Beerbaum was born the son of Horst and Mathilde Beerbaum and has three siblings. He attended high school and graduated in 1983, High School. A study of business administration broke Beerbaum in favor of show jumping prematurely. Beerbaum is married to his second wife and three children.


As Beerbaum was eight years old, his parents presented him - even though he had been found in horses little favor - the first pony, a Highland pony. After the pony had bitten him hard in the arm, went out the interest in horses and riding for two years.

Later Ludger Beerbaum was brought by the father of a school friend back to the horse riding, and he celebrated at a young age successes at the German Championships for Juniors and Young Riders, where he 1981 and 1982 respectively, the runner-up won. The European Championships for Young Riders 1984 he finished with the bronze medal in both the team and in the individual competition.

From 1985, Beerbaum was a heater in the barn Schockemöhles Paul, who supported him in the following years. During this time he celebrated his first major success, especially with the Olympic team victory at the Olympic Games in Seoul in 1988 and winning the German championship.

After differences with private Schockemoehle followed 1989, the change in the stable of the entrepreneur Alexander Moksel to Buchloe, the tree represented a variety of excellent top horses. During this time, the successes, the largest winning the Olympic individual gold medal in Barcelona in 1992 was accumulated. Silver and gold medals with the team at the World Equestrian Games in Stockholm in 1990 and 1994 in The Hague as well as the re- winning the German Championships in 1992 and 1993 lined up on. Stood out even the first World Cup victory of a German, also in 1993. Beerbaum belonged since this time definitively the world's top show-jumpers.

In 1995 he started his own business in Riesenbeck on an equestrian center and could, with the help of new patrons, especially to keep the business couple Dietrich Schulze and Madeleine Winter -Schulze, many of his top horses. Even now followed by other major successes, including team Olympic victories in 1996 and 2000, another team World Cup 1998, several team and individual medals at European Championships, five German championships, and three victories in the Riders Tour (see also achievements). 2001 Beerbaum ruled himself about himself:

"I have arrived at the zenith of my athletes career. "

Negative headlines he delivered in 2004, when the German team was deprived of the team gold medal later on proof of illicit medication in Beerbaum's horse Gold Fever.

At the World Equestrian Games in Aachen, which took place in August and September 2006, he started with the only ten year old gelding L' Espoir, with whom he won the bronze medal with the team and just barely missed the finals in the individual competition. He finished 5th in the overall standings and refuted critics who discussed the performance of his still very young and inexperienced horse before the Games as insufficient and the nomination had been questioned.

On 6 February 2007 Ludger L' Espoir sold to Norway, where the gelding is now successfully ridden by Geir Gulliksen. Ludger Beerbaum told about this controversial decision, that it is quite normal that horses are bought and sold. In July 2007 he finished - early September of Meredith Michaels -Beerbaum replaced - after a long time the top spot in the world rankings. In August, he essentially share the profits of the team silver medal during the European Championships in Mannheim had. Even in the local single competition he was able to maintain and won behind his sister Meredith Michaels -Beerbaum and the current world champion ( Aachen 2006) Jos Lansink the bronze medal.

In June 2010, he took over with participation in the Nations Cup of St. Gallen the record for the most starts in German show jumping Nations Cup. Until that time, Hans Günter Winkler held that record with 105 Nations launches.

Having had little success in the second half of 2010, he slipped to May 2011 from the 27th rank of the show jumping world rankings. One, by his standards, poor position.

In September 2011 he won with Gotha FRH at the European Championships in Madrid Team Gold.

In March 2012, Beerbaum has held third place in the world rankings again.

2012 was one tree with his mare Gotha to the group of Olympic aspirants. After a fall in Balve, at the German championships, presented Beerbaum found that his mare was not in shape to participate in the Olympic Games. Thus, it was the first time not represented since 1988 at the games.

Successful competition horses


  • Chaman of Baloubet du Rouet, dam's sire: I Love You, Brown KWPN stallion, born in 1999, owner Madeleine Winter-Schulze
  • Chiara by Contender, Mother Father: Coronado, Holsteiner mare, born in 2003, owner: Madeleine Winter-Schulze
  • Zinedine of Guidam, Mother Father: Heartbreaker, KWPN chestnut stallion, born in 2004, owner: Ludger Beerbaum Stables

Formerly (sold)

  • All Inclusive NRW arpeggio, mother father: Phantom, Dark Brown Westphalian gelding, born in 1999, owner: Flaminia Straumann, was sold on 11 March 2009 to the sponsor of Denis Lynch
  • L' Espoir of Landwind, mother father: fine cut, Zangersheide gelding, born in 1996, was sold in early 2007 to Geir Gulliksen
  • Lavillon of Diamant de Semilly, mother father Laudanum xx, Brown Selle Français stallion, born in 1999, was sold in late March 2010 Olavi Pentti & Noora Forestry in Finland

Formerly (among other riders)

  • Caresse of Cento, mother father, Sandro, Hanoverian mare, born in 2004, owner Madeleine Winter-Schulze is currently ridden by Eva Bitter
  • Gotha FRH of Gold Fever I, mother father: Prestige Pilot, Hanoverian chestnut mare, born in 2001, owner Madeleine Winter-Schulze, is currently under Henrik von Eckermann
  • Coupe de Coeur of Calido, Mother Father: Lincoln, Holsteiner stallion, born in 1997, owner Madeleine Winter-Schulze, ridden by Philip White Main since the summer of 2013

Formerly (no longer in active sports )

  • Champion du Lys Laeken, Mother Father: Largny, Selle Francais stallion, born in 1990, owner Madeleine Winter-Schulze, was taken in 2006 in Hamburg to an 8th place in Derby very surprising from the sport, was then on the station Schockemoehle at stud, returned to the 2009 breeding season back to giant Beck and was stationed there until 2012 as a stallion.
  • Classic Touch of Caletto II, Mother Father: Landgraf, brown Holsteiner mare, born in 1984, was established in 1992 with 8 years of individual Olympic champion in Barcelona under tree, then tree gave the mare contractually represented to the owners from Ralf Schneider. Classic Touch was used after its Spring Career in Belgium for breeding by embryo transfer. The end of 2008 it had to be euthanized on the farm of Ludger Beerbaum, where she had spent her last few months with Ratina Z and S Gladdys.
  • Active Madeleine Winter -Schulze, from 2013 as a sire in Switzerland: Couleur Rubin of Cordalme Z, Mother Father: Grannus, Oldenburg chestnut stallion, born in 1996, the owner
  • Enormously by Escudo I, mother father, Calypso II, Dark brown Hanoverian gelding, born in 1997, owner Madeleine Winter-Schulze
  • Gladdys southeast of Grandeur, Mother Father: Apart, Westphalia chestnut mare, born in 1992, owner: couple Winter-Schulze
  • Gold Fever by Grosso Z, mother father: Electro, Hanoverian chestnut stallion, born in 1991, owner Madeleine Winter-Schulze
  • Priam pilot, mother father: Direx, Westfalen gelding, born in 1982, owner Madeleine Winter-Schulze
  • Ratina Z by Ramiro Z, Mother Father: Alme, bay Hanoverian mare, born 1982, died 2010 Owner: Ludger Beerbaum / Marie Johnson
  • Rush On the Report, mother father 's rival, dark brown Westphalian gelding, born in 1982, died in 2007

Illegal medication

During the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens Beerbaum's horse tested positive for the substance betamethasone. The substance is not used to improve performance, but in therapy, but is, according to official rules - how many drugs - prohibited. Beerbaum claimed to have treated a skin irritation of Gold Fever with betamethasone ointment, after which the substance is entering the bloodstream of the horse; he had not made ​​a power manipulation. The list of banned substances in competition by the International Federation of Equestrian Sports ( FEI ) divides the illicit substances in doping substances, ie performance-enhancing drugs, and in therapeutically used substances. This classification plays a role in the assessment of the lock; Beerbaum it was consequently allowed to participate in the next Summer Olympics again. In September 2005, the couple Beerbaum / Gold Fever by the International Court of Sport (CAS ) was subsequently disqualified for the 2004 Olympic Games. Thus, the worst scores came back in the standings and the German team dropped back to 3. Germany had the gold medals back and the team subsequently won the bronze medal.

In May 2009, Beerbaum and once again negative headlines when he confessed to the Sunday newspaper: "Over the years I have set myself up to make full use of what goes .... In the past I had the attitude: Anything goes is not found. " He was subsequently suspended by the German Equestrian Federation to the opinion of the Commission DOSB to his person of membership at any Nations Cup team. End of July the Commission presented its interim report regarding Ludger Beerbaum recommended the German Equestrian Federation to take him with cushions in a squad.


Ludger Beerbaum was at the Olympic Games in Athens in 2004 received the honor during the opening ceremony of leading the German athletes as standard-bearer.

For several years he supports children with cancer in the Russian city of Perm.

Beerbaum is Vice President of the International Jumping Riders Club ( IJRC ), representing the interests of jumpers that are placed among the top 100 in the world rankings.


  • Olympic games Seoul 1988: Gold medal team at The Freak
  • Barcelona 1992: Gold medal single on Classic Touch
  • Atlanta 1996: Gold medal team at Ratina Z
  • Sydney 2000: Gold medal team at Gold Fever
  • 2008 in Hong Kong: 5th place team and 7th Place item on All Inclusive NRW
  • World Championships: In 1990 in Stockholm: Silver medal team at Gazelle
  • In 1994 in The Hague: Gold medal team at Ratina Z
  • In Rome in 1998: gold medal team at P. S. Priam
  • Aachen 2006: Bronze medal team at L' Espoir
  • World Cup Winner 1993 Ratina Z, 2 x World Cup runner-up ( 2002 to Gladdys S, 2010, Gotha )
  • 9x German Champion (1988, 1992, 1993, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2001, 2004, 2011)
  • 5x winner of the Riders Tour ( " Rider of the Year " and in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2009, 2011)
  • 3x winner of the Grand Prix of Aachen ( 1996 Ratina Z; 2002 and 2003 respectively on Gold Fever ) and 2nd place with All Inclusive NRW in 2008
  • 2x winner of the German Jumping Derby in Hamburg (1998 and 2003 respectively to Champion du Lys)
  • Wins 2007: Championship of Hamburg (CSI 4 *) with Couleur Rubin, Castle Park Price at Pfingstturnier Wiesbaden (CSI 4 *) with All Inclusive NRW, Grand Prix Donaueschingen (CSI 3 *) with Gold Fever, Grand Prix Brussels ( CSI 5 *) with Enormously, Grand Prix of Geneva (CSI 5 * -W) with All Inclusive NRW and with the team in the Nations Cup at La Baule ( CSIO 5 *, with Couleur Rubin ) and Aachen ( CSIO 5 *, with Gold Fever )
  • Wins 2008: Grand Prix of Rolinck Cup Münster with Enormously well as in the Nations Cup in Rotterdam ( CSIO 5 *, with Coupe de Coeur ) and Aachen ( CSIO 5 *, All Inclusive NRW)
  • Wins 2009: Championship at the K K Cup Munster with Gold Fever, Rolex Grand Prix in Zurich (CSI 5 * -W) with All Inclusive NRW, Grand Prize of the Federal Republic of Germany in Dortmund (CSI 3 *) with Coupe de Coeur, Grand Prix Helsinki (CSI 5 * -W) with Lavillon, Grand Prix of Stuttgart ( World Cup inspection, CSI 5 * -W) with Gotha
  • Wins 2010: Championship of the city of Basel (CSI 4 *) with Couleur Rubin
  • Wins 2011: Grand Prix of Wiesbaden (CSI 4 *) with Chaman, Grand Prix of Stuttgart ( World Cup inspection, CSI 5 * -W) with Gotha
  • Wins 2012: Grand Prize of the Federal Republic (CSI 3 * Dortmund) with Chaman, Grand Prix of Rome ( CSIO 5 *) with Gotha, 1st place in the Le Saut Hermès couple jumping of Paris with Chiara, Grand Prix of Valkenswaard (CSI 5 *) with Chaman, Grand Prix of Münster (CSI 4 *) with Chaman, Nations Challage at the CSI 5 * Rio de Janeiro with Chaman ( team with Marco Kutscher with Cornet's Cristallo ), 1st place in the Grand Prix of Hannover with Chaman
  • Wins 2013: Grand Prix of Saut Hermès (CSI 5 * Paris) with Chaman, Göteborg Trophy ( frame of the World Cup Finals tournament ) with Chaman, Grand Prix of Donetsk (CSI 5 *) with Chiara
  • Wins 2014: Grand Prix Doha ( CSI 5 *) with Chiara

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