Nelson Pessoa

Nelson Pessoa ( born December 16, 1935 in Rio de Janeiro ) is a former Brazilian show jumper.


He is the son of a real estate broker and has lived since 1961 in Europe, today near Brussels.

Among his greatest achievements include, in addition to its participation in five Olympics and nine World Championships, seven. Victory at the traditional German Jumping Derby in Hamburg- Klein Flottbek He is the record winner of this competition and the first participant who managed to win with the same horse for three consecutive years the German Jumping Derby. He also recorded two wins in the Grand Prix of Aachen and three victories in the English Spring Derby in Hickstead. He is since 1966 the only non - European champions since until this year could also start non-Europeans in this championship.

His son Rodrigo is also an internationally successful show jumper.


  • European Championship: 1965 in Aachen: Silver medal individual on Gran gesture
  • 1966 in Luzern: single gold medal in Gran gesture
  • 2x winner of the Grand Prix of Aachen (1964 Gran gesture and 1972 Nagir )
  • 7x winner of the German Jumping Derby in Hamburg ( 1962 Espartaco, 1963, 1965 and 1968 respectively on Gran gesture, 1992, 1993 and 1994 respectively on Vivaldi )


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