Rodrigo Pessoa

Rodrigo Pessoa ( born November 29, 1972 in Neuilly -sur- Seine) is a Brazilian show jumper and Olympic champion.

In February 2012 he was in the world ranking of FEI ranked 45th


In the 2004 Olympics he was on Baloubet du Rouet Olympic champion in show jumping. He benefited from the disqualification of the Irishman Cian O'Connor, whose horse Waterford Cristal was doped. 1996 and 2000, he had already won the bronze medal with the Brazilian team. At the World Equestrian Games in 1998 he won the individual gold medal. In 2006, he was unable to start because his horse Baloubet had just injured before. He participated as a coach of the Brazilian team.

In the years 1998, 1999 and 2000, he won in a row with Baloubet du Rouet the World Cup Finals Show Jumping. With Lianos Z he won the 1998 individual competition at the World Equestrian Games in Rome.

He also won in 2007 with Rufus as a member of the Brazilian team, the team gold medal and individual silver medal at the Pan American Games, the continental championships in the Americas. At the Pan American Games in 2011 he won team silver with Ashley.

As early as 1994 he won L.P. Special Envoy to the Grand Prize at the CHIO Aachen, Germany's most important equestrian events.

He was 2007-2011 President of the International Jumping Riders Club ( IJRC ), representing the interests of jumpers that are placed among the top 100 in the world rankings. He was succeeded by the Spaniard Cayetano Martínez de Irujo, who held this office before 2007.

Rodrigo Pessoa system is the " Haras de Ligny " in Fleurus near Brussels.


The show jumper Nelson Pessoa is his father.

In September 2009 he married the American show jumper Alexa Weeks, the two have a daughter born in 2011: Sophia. From his first marriage with the jumper Kery Potter, whom he married in June 2001, he has daughter Cecilia ( * 2004), who lives with her mother in San Diego.


In January 2011, Pessoa was honored as one of three athletes with the " Pierre de Coubertin World Fair Play Diploma " by the International Sports Journalists' Association AIPS. To be fair sporting behavior was rewarded, which he showed in the final four of the best show jumping with horse change at the World Equestrian Games 2010. Here he gave his rival Abdullah al - Sharbatly guidance on how this should Rebozzo ride ( Pessoa's horse), as well as the course. Al- Sharbatly, for this was the first singles final on the highest international standard, silver erritt in the individual competition; Pessoa missed the medals in fourth place.

At the opening ceremony of the Olympic Summer Games in 2012 he was given the honor of being flag bearer of the Brazilian team.


At the Olympic Games in 2008, he started with Rufus. He joined The individual competition here with fifth place. Even during the Olympics, however, it was announced that Pessoa's horse tested positive for nonivamide. Because at the time of the Olympic Equestrian Games 2008 nonivamide, was ( on the legs here as pain- causing substance ) classified the same way as capsaicin, depending on the application as unauthorized medication or doping, needed to be clarified to what facts it was in the case of Pessoa. The FEI Tribunal could prove no doping offense and sentenced Pessoa end of August 2008 on a four and a half month ban due to illegal medication. Pessoa himself founded the nonivamide - Fund on the one with the use of a nonivamidhaltigen ointment by the groom, on the other, so that Rufus and the horse Álvaro Affonso de Miranda Neto, Picolien Zeldenrust (which had to be operated during the Olympics ), a had to share ice machine and it was thereby come to contamination. At the same time he accused other riders ( no names ) to make regular manipulative measures to their horses. Rodrigo Pessoa appealed against the decision of the FEI Tribunal at the International Court of Sport (CAS ) against the judgment. A judgment of the CAS in this case is not known, the FEI evaluated Pessoa at the 2008 Olympic Games as disqualified.


  • Ciske van Overis (* 2002), brown Belgian Warmblood mare, Sire: Celano, Mother Father: Darco, ridden to May 2010 by Guy Williams, ridden by the end of 2011 from Edwina Alexander, from 2012 under Pessoa
  • Rufus (* 1998), brown KWPN gelding, Sire: Landaris, Mother Father: Renville
  • Baloubet du Rouet (* 1989) Selle Français stallion Fox, Father: Galoubet A, mother father: Starter
  • Lianos Z ( also Gandini Lianos, * 1987), brown Holsteiner gelding, Sire: Landlord, Mother Father: Landego
  • Special Envoy ( * 1980, † February 2010), Irish chestnut gelding, Sire: King of Diamonds