Christiane Legrand

Christiane Legrand ( born August 21, 1930 in Aix -les- Bains, Rhone- Alpes, † 1 November 2011) was a French jazz singer.


Christiane Legrand, was the daughter of the composer and orchestra conductor Raymond Legrand; First she studied piano and performed from 1954 to 1958 as a vocal soloist with the orchestra of her brother Michel Legrand. It belonged in the second half of the 1950s in France the successful jazz vocal groups Les Blue Stars ( 1955-1957 ) and Les Double Six on under Mimi Perrin ( 1958-1960 ). It is particularly known as a solo soprano was the vocal band Swingle Singers, she was one of the founding members in 1962. André Hodeir they pulled up to the interpretation of his Jazz Cantata. She also sang in numerous film scores, such as for Une Parisienne ( by Michel Boisrond ), Komeda's theme song from Le départ ( Jerzy Skolimowski ) or for The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, The Young Girls of Rochefort and Peau d' âne ( three films of Jacques Demy, for Michel Legrand wrote the music ) and Robert Enrico's film the adventurer, in which it established the vocalese style, and for François de Roubaix wrote the music. Christiane Legrand was a soloist in the song " Fires ( Which Burn Brightly ) " Procol Harum in the album Grand Hotel from 1973. She also sang songs like Maldonne (1969 ) by Sergio Gobbi and Vladimir Cosma.

Disco printing specifications

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  • Les Double Six: Les Double Six ( RCA, 1959-1962 )
  • Swingle Sisters: Johann Sebastian Bach; Johann Sebastian Bach, Vol 2 (Philips)