Cinema Bizarre

Cinema Bizarre was a greatly in their appearance in the Japanese Visual Kei exploratory five-member German Glam-Pop-/Rockband. Their sound is a blend of guitar-rock and electro sounds, reminiscent of New Wave.


About the Internet known learned Yu and Strify on a date on the AnimagiCs know Kiro 2005. The three got along well and decided to start a band right away - the desire of each of the three. Via the Internet, the three, the two other members of Shin and Luminor met. Moved to Berlin, the three lived together in a former WG, Luminor and Shin still lived alone with his parents. The later keyboardist Romeo learned Yu also on the 2005 AnimagiCs know. He rehearsed from the beginning with the Five.

The group was taken at Universal under contract. Manager of the band were Tilo Wolff and Eric Burton. The illustrator driving Sindram has implemented the band as manga characters and created some merchandise.

Even before publication of the first single, they became known on MySpace and other Internet portals. On September 14, 2007 she released with Lovesongs (They Kill Me ), the first single, which placed ninth in the German Single Charts and placed six weeks in the Top 50. The album Final Attraction was released on 12 October 2007 and also reached 9th place on the German charts. The song The Way We Are, this album contains a sample of the song The Great Commandment by Camouflage (band), as well as the song Dysfunctional Family, which songs fashion contains a sample of Depeche Personal Jesus. On 7 December 2007 the second single from Cinema Bizarre Escape to the Stars appeared. This song contains a sample of Depeche Mode, this time from the song Everything Counts.

On 6 March 2008 she appeared with the song Forever or Never to at Deutsche preliminary decision to Euro Vision Song Contest 2008, but could not prevail against the No Angels and Carolin Fort Bacher.

After his first concerts in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, launched on the 28th March 2008, the Cinema Bizarre Europe tour, which ended with a performance in Amsterdam on April 25 graduate. During this tour, Romeo jumped often for Luminor.

In November 2008 Luminor left then finally the band for health reasons. Romeo took over his role on the keyboards, but decided against it to sing, as the Luminor had done. In March 2009 Cinema Bizarre were the opening act for Lady Gaga and also played concerts in America. Through this tour, they learned Lady Gaga's DJ Space Cowboy know and in the hotel rooms was created as a collaboration of the song I Came 2 Party.

In August 2009, the new line released their second album Toyz, but the release had been planned in March. With the single My obsession is the release date moved also, since both parts of the album, and the single were themselves already landed on the Internet. The band decided, therefore, the recorded together with Space Cowboy Single I Came 2 Party bring out the first single and My Obsession as second single on 25 September 2009., Which is also published on this album song Hypnotized by Jane wrote Placebo singer Brian Molko. Cinema Bizarre announced shortly afterwards at the We're All Toyz Tour 2009, which led the band through the German-speaking countries, France, Holland, Italy, Spain, Luxembourg and Russia. The final concert was held in Warsaw.

In 2009 she was awarded with the European Border Breakers Award ( EBBA ).

On 21 January 2010, the musicians have announced on their MySpace band page, as a band to take a break and devote one's projects. Romeo and Yu gave shortly afterwards known to be active in the American band Rouge Morgue as a singer or guitarist, but broke up the band a little later on. Strify, Kiro and Shin currently working as a DJ.

Strify published under the name Jack Strify a new version of the song Blasphemy in cooperation with the French DJ Junior Caldera, but initially only in France. He is currently working on a solo album. The guitarist Yu Phoenix brought 11 November 2011 released his first single Moonflower, where he worked with J'Lostein and Tadahisa Yoshida.


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