Count Theodosius

Flavius ​​Theodosius († top 376 at Carthage ) was a Roman general and the father of the future Emperor Theodosius I.


Flavius ​​Theodosius was born in Cauca, a small town in the Spanish province Galaecia. His father was called Honorius, as well as his second son and one of his grandsons, who later became Emperor Flavius ​​Augustus Honorius West. He was married to a certain Thermantia. Theodosius was a Christian as well and his father, also a member of the local upper class and had some lands.

Flavius ​​Theodosius was an experienced and highly successful military. 368 he went on behalf of Emperor Valentinian I to Britain, where he threw down the revolt of Valentinus, Hadrian's Wall and secured Picts and Saxons hit. Thus he placed the order on the island restored. His son Theodosius has gathered with him. He paved the father now the way for his future career. Well since 369 was Flavius ​​Theodosius magister equitum praesentalis and fought against the Franks and since 372 against the Alemanni on the Rhine frontier.

He was finally, as the best General emperor Valentinian, 373 sent to Africa to there down the rebellion of Firmus, and succeeded him. He went hard against against the corrupt governor Romanus and against the discipline of the soldiers. Thus, Flavius ​​Theodosius, however, also made many enemies.

These enemies finally ensured his downfall and subsequent execution beginning 376 in Carthage, but the circumstances of his death are unclear. It is also possible that you wanted to make sure that the successful military could not access even after the death of Valentinian to purple.

His son, Theodosius retired to the execution of the father on his Spanish goods back. After he was appointed 379 Emperor of the East, he was responsible for the rehabilitation of his father.