Cricket at the 1900 Summer Olympics

The in the French capital Paris as part of the World's Fair ( Exposition Universelle et Internationale de Paris) discharged International competitions for Physical Education and Sport ( Concours Internationaux d' Exercices Physiques et de Sports ) also included a game of cricket, which is part of the Olympic Summer Games 1900 ( Games of the II Olympiad ) was.

Cricket was for Pierre de Coubertin, the founder of the modern Olympic Games, an exemplary work sport that embodied the ideals of the Olympic spirit for him and should be held even at the first Olympic Games in Athens in 1896. However, an implementation failed due to lack of participation.

The management of the World's Fair had three cricket games provided. A Belgian, a Dutch and a British team should compete against each the same French team. It was in the concert promoters therefore not a tournament, but three equal games with new prices. However, the Belgian and Dutch team existed only on paper and was used by the organizers to enhance the appreciation. So it was only for the game between the British and the French team.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC ) ordered this game to the Olympic program of the Games of the II Olympiad. As early as 1912 in this respect has taken a number of decisions to recover the history of the first five Olympic Games, the IOC. For those days, cricket was a sport that was suitable because of his background and reputation in the higher social circles than in the best possible Olympic sport. The problem was, however, in its low profile and distribution, and so the game of cricket from 1900 in Paris is so far the only game of the Olympic history.

Team events were generally advertised at the time as competition between club or association teams. These represented generally at international competitions each country in which the club or association was established. So it was in the British team for the club team of Devon and Somerset County Wanderers and the French team to a selection of the Sports Association Union des Sociétés Françaises de Sports Athlétiques ( USFSA ). The players of this team were almost exclusively British, who lived in Paris. As a team competition, however, the participating association was seen, represented the doubt France.

The British team traveled until one day before the game. For them, it was only one of three games that they would deliver during their stay in Paris. Venue was the Municipal Velodrome on the site of the World Expo in Vincennes. They played in front of empty bleachers, only some officials and police were present. Contrary to the usual way of playing with 11 players per team, the captain agreed on 12 players. The tournament was played over two days, 19th and 20th August. The result of the first innings was scored a 117 to 78 for the British, who in their second innings 145 points for 5 wickets ( -declared ). France came in second innings on 26 points, total therefore 262 to 104 by the difference rule, the British won the game with 158 points. ( By way of derogation from these values ​​according to the score card at cricinfo reached according to the official report UK in 1.Innings 116 points, and thus a total of 261, which they won the game with 157 points ahead. , See Related links)