Gymnastics at the 1900 Summer Olympics

The in the French capital Paris as part of the World's Fair ( Exposition Universelle et Internationale de Paris) discharged International competitions for Physical Education and Sport ( Concours Internationaux d' Exercices Physiques et de Sports ) included a competition in gymnastics, which is part of the Olympic Summer Games 1900 ( Games of the II Olympiad ) was.

Exercise during the World's Fair was divided into three major sports meetings were involved in numerous sports. Two of these festivals had a national character, only for the international gymnastics championships on July 29 and 30, in which the title of champion du monde de 1900 ( World Champion ) was awarded foreign participants were admitted.

In contrast to today's sports competitions in gymnastics, in which the athlete usually implement only a single Turngerät their skill and ability in highly complex forms of movement, the former gymnastics was an almost interdisciplinary sport in which the versatility of physical exercises on various devices and the skills in force and skill sports standing in the foreground. How do you explain that just a competition was held in the all around, but the required 16 individual exercises. So were ever a compulsory and a voluntary routine required on the gymnastic equipment Reck, parallel bars, rings, pommel horse and without device on the ground ( free exercise) as well as any spring on the longitudinal horse. Other required jumping exercises were a straddle and a tuck jump over two consecutive obstacles, a long jump over 5 m and a jump with a pole over a latte in height of 2.20 m. Finally followed rope hand over hand on a rope 6 m long and 10 -time stone lifting with a weight of 50 kg. Judges viewed the technical design and the harmony of the movement sequence. For each exercise there was a maximum of 20 points, so that an athlete could get to 320 points.

At this a competition, which was attributed by the IOC the Olympic program of the Games of the II Olympiad, located 135 athletes from eight nations involved. Of the 14, only 27 foreign gymnasts came from Germany. Venue was the Municipal Velodrome on the site of the World Expo in Vincennes. So it was done gymnastics in the open.

Turn -around

Date: July 29 and 30 July

The first 18 places were occupied by the French. Best foreigners was the Swiss Jules Ducret. Best German number 29 was Hugo Peitsch.