Daisy Dee

Daisy Dee ( born September 4, 1970 to Curacao, Netherlands Antilles; actually Daisy Rollocks ) is a singer, actress and television presenter, known especially in the German-speaking countries.

Daisy Rollocks moved at the age of 8 years to Europe. Besides her native Dutch, she speaks English, Spanish and German. In the Netherlands, she lived in Roermond.

She worked in a big room disco in funds and had made their first demo recordings, to which a producer remembered when it came to finding the right candidate for a cover version of " This Beat is Technotronic ." This was her first professional music production and their access in the music business.

In 1998, Dee co-founded with her ​​then-husband Toni Cottura her own production company Booya Music, the songs for artists such as Nana, the Backstreet Boys, * NSYNC and her brother Pappa Bear has produced.

Acting and television

Daisy Dee played in the soap opera " All together - every man for himself " the television channel RTL 2, together with the German singer Oli.P. From 1996 to 2004 she hosted Saturday nights " Club Rotation ", a weekly show of German TV channel VIVA. From 2000 to 2003 she also hosted also weekly on VIVA " Ritmo ", the only show on German music TV devoted exclusively Spanish and Latin American music had. She was also seen several times on Hamburg 1, where she hosted a telephone quiz. In 2006, she moderated at the television station 9Live. Since summer 2009, Daisy Dee, with its self-produced show Fashion Trix again worked with VIVA and since August 2011 it can be seen on sixx with Fashiontrixx.


  • M.C.B. featuring Daisy Dee: "This Beat Is Technotronic " (DE # 14)
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  • Black Male feat. Daisy Dee: " Yeah Yeah ( Influence) "
  • Bit Machine feat. Daisy Dee & Karen Jones: "Somebody Real"
  • Daisy Dee: " Headbone Connected"
  • U 96 feat. Daisy Dee: "Love Religion " (DE # 5)
  • Technotronic feat. Daisy Dee & Ya Kid K.: "Move It to the Rhythm"
  • Technotronic feat. Daisy Dee & Ya Kid K.: "Recall - The Album "
  • Daisy Dee: " The Best Of "
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