Daniela Ceccarelli

Daniela Ceccarelli ( born September 25, 1975 in Frascati) is an Italian alpine skier. She specializes in the speed disciplines Downhill and Super- G and was founded in 2002 Olympic champion in super -G.


After several good results in FIS races Ceccarelli was repeatedly drive under the top five and finished second in the super-G final ranking the third place from the 1995/96 season in the European Cup. In the following season they reached a total of five podium finishes in downhill and super -G. So she took behind the Austrian Marianna Salchinger second place in the overall standings and came in the Super -G and downhill rating each third.

Your World Cup debut in the Italian Super-G Kvitfjell on 7 March 1996, where she finished in 26th place. Another start was followed in February 1997. Due to their success in the European Cup they started regularly from the 1997/98 season in the World Cup. In the first years they are usually placed only in the back field of the fastest 30 or did not finish in the points. The only exception was the eleventh place in the Super G in Mammoth Mountain on December 4, 1998. During their first World Cup participation in Vail in 1999 it ranked 18 in the Super -G.

Towards the end of the 1999/2000 season to Ceccarelli has regularly finished in the top 20 and reached the Super-G from Innsbruck on February 27, her first top-ten result. 2000/ 01 they came twice in the top ten and finished at the 2001 World Championships in St. Anton on the 15th place in the Super -G and in the combination and the 16th in the downhill.

In the 2001 /02 season Ceccarelli reached the podium for the first time: On December 22, 2001, she drove in the Super- G in St. Moritz in second place, on 26 January 2002 was followed by a third place finish in the downhill in Cortina d' Ampezzo. The highlight of this season was the Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City. After she went on the 20th, and in combination in the downhill to 15th place, she succeeded in the third competition completely surprising her greatest triumph: Janica Kostelic Before the Croatian and the Italian Karen Putzer Ceccarelli was Olympic champion in super -G. In March 2002, she was Italian champion in the super -G.

In the season 2002/ 03 she won the second place in the Super G in Val d'Isere her third podium finish and came with three other top ten results in sixth place in the Super- G World Cup. In the 2003 World Cup in St. Moritz they finished 13th in the downhill, the super -G, they could not finish. In the Italian Championships in 2003, she won the title in the downhill.

In the following years, their performance decreased continuously. While they were still came in the 2003/04 season four times in the top ten, and it reached two fifth places, she managed this in the 2004/05 season only twice, she even stayed out of the points several times. At the World Championships in Bormio, she took 14th place in the downhill. Also in the season 2005/ 06 they came only once in the top ten.

In November 2006, Daniela Ceccarelli became a mother. Just two months later, she returned to the World Cup. In her second race after maternity leave, the Super -G in Cortina d' Ampezzo January 19, 2007, she took already place again 17 On 21 December 2007, it reached seventh place in the departure of St. Anton first time in two years back the top ten, but this result could not repeat it. In the 2008 / 09 season, her best result was the 16th place in the downhill of Bansko.

Sporting successes

Olympic Winter Games

  • Salt Lake City 2002: 1 Super -G, 15 combination, 20 departure
  • Turin 2006: 31 Super -G

World Championships

  • Vail 1999: 18 Super -G
  • St. Anton 2001: 15 Super -G, 15 combination, 16 departure
  • St. Moritz 2003: 13 Departure
  • Bormio 2005: 14 Departure

World Cup

  • 3 podiums

European Cup

  • 1995/ 96: 3 Super -G
  • Season 1996/97: 2nd overall, 3rd exit, third Super -G
  • 6 podiums

Italian Championships

  • Italian champion in the Super- G in 2002 and Downhill 2003