Danzel (actually: Johan Waem, born November 9, 1976 in Beveren- Waas, Belgium) is a Belgian musician from Antwerp. In 2004, he landed with his song Pump It Up! a Europe-wide success.


Waems career began as a singer and guitarist of the band Schärfen op de Snee. Later he sang as a backing singer for the LA band on some recordings.

In 2003 he participated in Idools 2003 the Belgian ( Flemish ) version of the talent show Pop Idol (German: Germany searches for the superstar ), and arrived there the Round of 20 candidates.

The end of 2003 he took the single Pump It Up! on. The dance song is based on the song by the Black & White Brothers ( Mr. Mike and Djaimin Leonardo Stella) from the year 1999.

The song captured first in France, the clubs and discos, and held a total of eight weeks at No. 1, the dance charts. About Belgium, where the single reached gold status, and Italy, where the song was used among other things for the Pringles ad campaign, reaching Pump It Up! In autumn 2004, Germany. Here, the single debuted in October down to number five on the singles chart. With the second single You Are All of That he had less success.

With Put Your Hands Up in the Air! he published again in 2005 a remake of a previous hit songs of Black & White Brothers.

On 28 January 2006 he participated with the song Undercover at the Polish Trials for Euro Vision Song Contest 2006. He finished ninth.


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