Dave Randall

Dave Randall ( born May 8, 1967 in Memphis, Tennessee ) is a former American professional tennis player.


Randall studied marketing at the University of Mississippi and was elected in 1988 as a doubles player in the best selection of All-American. Already in his first inaugural in a tournament of the ATP Challenger Tour he won in 1991 on the side of Mark Keil the doubles title in Birmingham. As a result, he played successfully with changing partners and was in the finals of Winnetka, Whistler Mountain and Puebla. As of February 1992, he joined again regularly with Mark Keil. Following a joint quarter finals at the tournament in Philadelphia Randall won Wedge in Scottsdale his first tournament victory on the ATP World Tour. Shortly thereafter, they were in the quarter-finals of the Masters tournament in Key Biscayne and in May of the year in the final of Atlanta. 1993 Randall and wedge could defend her title in Scottsdale. From mid-1993 Randall performed regularly at the side of Brad Pearce. Together they were including in the finals of Basel, in the semifinals of the ATP Championship Series tournament in Tokyo. Between mid-1994 and mid-1995, Randall often played with Ellis Ferreira, after some joint appearances with Greg Van Emburgh he made regularly until mid-1996 the double with Kent Kinnear. The third and final ATP doubles title he won in 1997 with Greg Van Emburgh in Coral Springs. Its highest listing in the tennis world ranking he reached in 1993 with position 155 in single and in 1994 with position 39 in doubles.

His best individual result at a Grand Slam tournament was reaching the second round of Wimbledon in 1993, when he clearly threw three qualifying rounds Andrei Cherkasov in three sets from the tournament. In the doubles competition in 1993, he reached the quarterfinals of the U.S. Open, as well as in the mixed competition with Jill Hetherington the quarterfinals of the Australian Open.

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