Derrick May (musician)

Derrick May ( born April 6, 1963 in Detroit, USA ) is considered a founder of the Detroit techno and thus for the Techno as influential. He continued to produce under the aliases Mayday, Rhythim is Rhythim and Long Ago.


In his school years, May attended high school in Belleville, a suburb of Detroit, where it meets Juan Atkins, Kevin Saunderson and Eddie Flashin ' Fowlkes. With them he shared a fascination for music and exchanged first mix tapes from. In 1985 he founded with Juan Atkins, the Deep Space DJ crew. In 1986 he began producing tracks eigenr and founded in the same year the label Transmat. From 1987 he published under the pseudonym Rhythim is Rhythim several tracks that gained cult status later.

As of May 1989, withdrew from the techno scene because he did not want to represent the hype and commercialization of techno. In particular, he positioned himself as an opponent of the techno - mass event Mayday, which used the same name as one of his pseudonyms. The last official release was from the year 1993. However it keep rumors that May continue to be produced secretly. 1997 his old works were published again. He continued to perform as a DJ. In 2003, he took over the management of the Detroit Music Festival.

All known " hymns " in collaboration with other artists. The Dance, he produced one with D. Wynn, Nude photo with T. Barnett and the piano line played by strings M. James. Ultimately, May increasingly isolated from other producers and was in the scene as an extrovert and a " sure of himself ". He was declared a pioneer and took on the role also without leaving participate in its accompanying producers and companion to it. This created in the aftermath tensions and led after two years to end the mandate at the Detroit Music Festival.

The debut LP ( Transmat Unreleased ) was added to the list The Wire 's " 100 Records That Set the World on Fire (While No One Was Listening ) " 1998.


Legendary is his formulation to the emergence of Techno " Techno is like Detroit, a complete mistake. It is as if you imprison George Clinton and Kraftwerk in an elevator. "

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