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The Dietmar- Hopp-Stadion is a football stadium in the district of Sinsheim Hoffenheim. It was, until May 2008, the home of the TSG 1899 Hoffenheim, which since 2000 four times a promotion to the next higher league celebrated there, most recently in last point game in this stadium as the men's team's promotion to the Bundesliga. The stadium is named after Dietmar Hopp, the patron of the club, the stadium privately financed and donated to the club.


The stadium was completed together with an adjacent artificial pitch for the 100th anniversary of the club in 1999, replacing the previously located there sports court and the former clubhouse. It offered first for 5000 spectators, including 1620 covered seats. The stadium was inaugurated with a friendly match against Bayern Munich. In the Regionalliga 2005/06 season drew an average of 2,000 spectators to home games the following season 2006/ 07, which was completed with the rise in the 2nd Bundesliga, the average attendance rose to 3,000.

To meet the requirements of the German Football League (DFL) to meet at a second league stadium, numerous alterations were made in the summer of 2007. The Dietmar- Hopp-Stadion has since a capacity of about 6,350 spectators, including 3,000 seats. In addition to the 350 standing places on the backstretch all spaces are covered.

Parallel to this change in 2007 started the construction of a new stadium, the Wirsol Rhein- Neckar- Arena, which offers around 30,000 spectators. This stadium was purchased by the club in January 2009; transitional home games were played in the first half of the season 2008/ 09 in Mannheim's Carl- Benz-Stadion.


In addition to games of TSG Hoffenheim in Association League, Serie A, Regional and 2nd Bundesliga, the Dietmar- Hopp-Stadion was also the venue for several national youth games, a game of the DFB - League Cup final in 2001 between SC Freiburg and Borussia Dortmund as well as unique home venue for the Women's national team that was defeated 0-1 in preparation for the 2004 Summer Olympic Games on 21 July 2004 before 6,257 spectators against Norway.

The Dietmar- Hopp-Stadion is still used by the gambling in the Regionalliga West 2nd team, the youth teams of the club and in 2013 ascended to the Bundesliga wife team.