Ding Liren

Ding Liren (Chinese丁立人; Ding Liren, born 24 October 1992 in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province) is a Chinese chess master.

Ding Liren learned chess at the age of 4 years in his hometown. A year later, he won the national championship U6 and won in the following years several times in national youth championships of different ages. Both the U-10 World Cup in Heraklion in 2002, and in the U -12 World Cup in Heraklion in 2004 he reached the first split - second Place after fine rating he was both times in second. At the 8th Asian open championship in Subic in May 2009, he reached the 24th place and performed his first grandmaster norm. In the Chinese Individual Championship in Xinghua in 2009, he was after 9 rounds still 1.5 points behind the leader Wang Hao (then ELO 2724 ). In the tenth round, Ding Liren won his match against Wang Hao. In the eleventh and final round Wang Hao lost, the then 16 -year-old Ding Liren won his game against Zhou Jianchao (then Elo 2668 ) with black, without having to make a train: Zhou Jianchao had come too late. This was the untitled Ding Liren with a former Elo rating of 2458 with an Elo performance of 2812 points fabulous Chinese masters and filled his second grandmaster norm. At the Aeroflot Open in Moscow in 2011, he reached in group A the 20th place with ELO performance of 2703. In April 2011, he again won the national championship. In 2012, he was able to defend his title and won in Xinghua with 8 points from 11 games ( 5 -0 = 6 ). At the Junior World Championship 2012 in Athens occupied Ding Liren the 3rd place. At the Chess Olympiad 2012 in Istanbul, he played on board 3 for China and achieved 7.5 points over 10 games ( 6 = 3 -1).

After completing his school education, Ding Liren began studying law at Peking University.

With his Elo rating in December 2012 he was behind Wang Hao in second place of the Chinese Elo ranking FIDE.