Drum Connection

Drum Connection (also abbreviated to DC ) is a German percussion ensemble.

The group was founded in 1995 by Max van der Rose and first appeared in the same year at the event included dance of elements in Berlin. Since then, Drum Connection is on the international stage of the club, event and industrial scene go.

As an integral part of the Rhythm Drum & Dance Show, the group toured in 2003 by 13 European countries and received the MBA Award 2004. Since 2003, is the basic unit of the Drum Connection from the four drummers Dirk Erchinger, Enno Kuck, Jan Peter Eckelmann and Max van der Rose, the increase during special occasions by other drummers such as, among others, Dog Kessler, Tim Kroker, Chriz Falk, Randy Black, Dave Anania, David Pätsch, Tim Neuhaus, Kai Schoenburg, Florian Holoubek on more than 10 drummers. Play the drummer when they are not on the road with Drum Connection, in groups like Front 242, Micatone, Jazzkantine, Count Basic, Poems for Laila, Primal Fear, Ich Ich, Blue Man Group and worked in bands like Sedoussa, H- Blockx, Rosenstolz, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Subway To Sally, Mëdlz and Vanilla Ninja.

Your club concept is that the drummer lay their rhythm carpet on the basics of a DJ and so transform the style of music in a new and independent Melange. They play standing behind large drum kits that have been designed specifically for them. They played, among others with DJs and electronic acts like The cuber, Jay Dee, Melanie Di Tria, Derb, Talla 2XLC, WestBam, Phynn, Ron van den Beuken, Marco Colado, The Thrillseekers, Sebastian Ingrosso, Martin Solveig, Tom Wax, Marusha.

For some time, other known artists will be accompanied in their work by the Drum Connection, like Cascada (UK Tour 2008 ) and Peter Fox ( video " Alles Neu ", 2008).


Albums Compilations

  • 2008: Love Parade ( Compilation DVD )

Singles EPs

  • 2007: Essen2kilo7 ( Single)
  • 2008: Perfect Way ( Single)
  • 2011: Selection No. 1 (EP)