Eanmund of Kent

Eanmund (also Eanmundus ) was around 764/765 a king of the Anglo-Saxon Kingdom of Kent. Maybe Eanmund with Ealhmund, who ruled from 779/784 bis 784/785 in Kent, identical.


Eanmunds origin is unknown. Around the year 764 was the rule over East Kent from Eadberht II, the last ruler of the dynasty of the Kentish Oiscingas over to Eanmund. The circumstances surrounding the throne are unknown. In the West Kents Sigered prevailed (before 762 to 764 ).

The Charter S33 dates from the period between 762 and 764 In it Sigired referred to as rex dimidie partis prouincie Cantuariorum ( "King of the Half province Kent ' ). In her Sigered transferred lands at Aeslingaham ( Islingham at Frindsbury ) and grazing rights in the western Weald to Bishop Eardwulf. This charter was confirmed by Eanmund.

The kings Sigered (West Kent) and Eanmund ( East Kent ) disappeared from the sources as Offa ( 757-796 ), king of Mercia, to the supremacy acquired over Kent the year 764. Offa sat Ecgberht II (c. 764-779/784 ) in the western and Heahberht ( 764/765-? ) In eastern Kent as a vassal kings.


  • Charter S33