EasyJet, officially easyJet Airline Company PLC, is a British low-cost airline based in Luton, near London. It is part of the easy group of businessman Stelios Haji- Ioannou, a Briton of Cypriot origin. Currently she is according to Ryanair 's second largest low cost airline in Europe, and maintains 22 bases across Europe.

  • 3.1 Germany
  • 3.2 Switzerland
  • 3.3 Austria



EasyJet was founded on 18 October 1995 by Stelios Haji- Ioannou, whose father is a Greek shipping company, Stelios. In order to establish the airline to Haji -Ioannou five million pounds lent by his family. The first two aircraft with easyJet logo were two leased from British Airways Boeing 737-200, plying on the routes from London Luton to Glasgow and Edinburgh. In Luton is also still the headquarters of easyJet.

EasyJet founder Stelios Haji- Ioannou in 1999 appointed " London Entrepreneur of the Year " as part of the London of the Year Awards of London Electricity. In addition, easyJet was voted by the readers of Business Traveller magazine 's "Best Low Cost Airline" in the same year. In December 1999, the magazine Marketing described the founding of easyJet as " one of the 100 major marketing events of the 20th century".

In the fall of 1999, the online sales reached the threshold of easyJet sale of one million flights. A year later, in October 2000, easyJet went to the London Stock Exchange. It began the presence of easyJet at London Stansted Airport, up to this point Luton was the central base in the London area.


In the summer of 2002, when easyJet had a fleet of 30 Boeing 737 for operating 40 routes, the airline took over the former British Airways cheap flights offshoot Go Fly, which at the time of acquisition 27 Boeing 737-300 operation and thus maintained 38 routes. The Go Fly brand has been completely abandoned after the takeover and the airline is fully integrated into the easyJet.

Until September 2003, easyJet flew exclusively with the aircraft type Boeing 737, using the many other low cost airlines. In October 2002 the company announced plans to enter from now on Airbus preference and order 120 copies of the Airbus A319 -100, the first of which were delivered in the autumn of 2003. The choice fell on this type of aircraft, since the Airbus 320 family, among others, has a wider aisle than a Boeing 737, enabling a supposedly faster entry and exit. Extracting the number of exits is increased beyond the wings of two to four for easyJet. Despite very tight seating so the aircraft can be evacuated within the statutory 90 seconds.

On 28 May 2004 was the first time the check-in of a whole flight of the new and then pioneering self check- in kiosks at Nottingham East Midlands Airport. Another milestone in the history of easyJet shall be the 18 May 2005 there was greeted on this day the 100 millionth passenger.

EasyJet is now Europe's fourth largest airline, and in terms of the number of passengers carried by the American Southwest Airlines and Ryanair from Ireland 's third largest low cost airline in the world. In 2006 easyJet transported 33.6 million passengers. On 25 October 2007, easyJet announced the purchase of the British airline GB Airways, for 103.5 million pounds from the British Bland Group, known. Through this acquisition, the fleet to 15 aircraft (9x Airbus A320 and Airbus A321 6x ) has been extended. However, the airline has only been integrated on 30 March 2008 in the company, as up to this date a franchise agreement with British Airways existed. By purchasing easyJet promised a further expansion at the airport London Gatwick since then has 24% of slots at the airport by buying easyJet. The takeoff and landing rights at the London Heathrow airport were not included in the acquisition.

2010s - years

Founder Stelios Haji -Ioannou resigned in May 2010, with immediate effect, from the board of easyJet back. The reason he stated that he did not agree with the expansion strategy of the company and wanted to concentrate on the shareholder role.

In May 2011, easyJet received her 200 aircraft from Airbus. This A320 -200 was granted a special paint completely in orange.

On April 23, 2012 Airbus A319 the airline was baptized on the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport in the name of former Chancellor Willy Brandt.

In June 2012, easyJet announced the closure of its base in Madrid due to high fees and the market saturation.


EasyJet is majority owned by the family Haji- Ioannou, which currently holds 38% of company shares (as of May 2010). Stelios Haji -Ioannou also controls other companies from the "easy group" as easyInternetcafé, EasyCar, easy money and easy value. Between easyJet and these other companies of the "easy group" there are no cross-holdings, but some cross-company marketing initiatives are carried out. The airline is based at Luton airport and currently has offices in the UK and mainland Europe. easyJet is thus a purely European companies.

EasyJet is pursuing a no-frills concept. Costs are kept low by the usual, traditional airlines costs and extras will be avoided. This includes the restriction on direct sales via the Internet and call centers and the elimination of free meals, drinks and newspapers. easyJet was the first low cost airline, the online check -in and offered to the customer allowed to print their boarding pass before leaving for the airport. Since late 2009, easyJet offers all travelers with baggage can check in online. Online check -in baggage is possible at 95 of 113 easyJet airports and on almost all flights. There will be no additional charges for the check. The additional booking speedy boarding the online booking process offers passengers the opportunity to go on board before the usual groups.

EasyJet relies on an informal corporate culture with a very flat management structure. Teleworking and "Hot Desk" part of the concept of easyJet. All office workers can and should dress casually. The easyJet cabin crew wearing since the end of 2007 a ​​new uniform for which the employees have first submitted design proposals and then voted.

EasyJet caused due to a younger fleet, denser airplane seats and higher seat occupancy lower emissions per passenger kilometer than most other airlines. According to the company, emits 27 percent less emissions per seat than other airlines that use the same aircraft type. In addition, an environmental charter was published, which is to document how the environmental impact of the airline is monitored and reduced.

According to press reports the good business especially business travelers would be effected. In addition, a special dividend of £ 190 million was planned. 2012 is to be stopped scheduled by then higher fuel prices and higher airport charges again but this development.


EasyJet now serves several hundred routes between numerous European and North African countries as well as Turkey, Jordan and Israel. Unlike many competitors easyJet uses it mainly larger international airports, as in Rome, for example, not the Rome Ciampino Airport but the more important Rome Fiumicino Airport is served.


In December 2003, easyJet announced its intention to use the airport Berlin- Schönefeld from May 2004 with an initial six aircraft as a base, where she has since been using the redesigned especially for them and Terminal B has successively expanded its involvement. Dortmund was also from 2004, the second German base of society, even here the size of the fleet and route network was gradually expanded, but from the end of 2007 significantly reduced until the base was finally abandoned in October 2008. Since 2009, the offer to Dortmund was however raised from other bases again. This was followed by more than German airports successively Cologne / Bonn from June 2004, Hamburg, Munich, Dusseldorf from November 2009, and as the newest destination Dresden since December 2010.

As of December 2012, easyJet operated to and from Germany (some only seasonal) following routes:

  • Berlin -Schönefeld to Agadir, Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona, ​​Basel, Bristol, Brussels, Budapest, Cagliari, Dubrovnik, Edinburgh, Geneva, Glasgow, Copenhagen, Corfu, Heraklion ( Crete ), Lisbon, Liverpool, London -Gatwick, London - Luton, London Southend, Lyon, Madrid, Milan -Malpensa, Malaga, Mallorca, Manchester, Marrakech, Mykonos, Naples, Nice, Olbia, Paris -Orly, Pisa, Rhodes, Rome - Fiumicino, Salzburg, Sofia, Split, Tenerife South, Thessaloniki and Venice
  • From Hamburg to Basel, Edinburgh, London -Gatwick, London - Luton, Manchester, Naples and Rome - Fiumicino. As of March 2014, even after Copenhagen, Athens, Kalamata Nice, Milan, Venice, Catania, Ibiza, Palma and Split.
  • From Dortmund to London - Luton
  • From Dresden to Basel
  • From Dusseldorf to Basel and London -Gatwick
  • From Cologne / Bonn to London -Gatwick
  • From Munich to Edinburgh, London -Gatwick, London - Stansted and Manchester


Already in 1997 launched the first machine of the easyJet from Geneva to London Luton. 1999 seven destinations were served, in the summer of 2009 there were already 47, the eight Airbus A319 -100 stationed here be served. Since summer 2004, easyJet operates another based on the bi-national airport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg, as the company's costs at Zurich airport appeared too high. Meanwhile, from here with six Airbus A319 -100 operated over 30 destinations. Since 18 September 2007, however, easyJet flies again in addition to and from Zurich.

EasyJet Switzerland is a separate company from easyJet and the successor to the charter airline TEA Switzerland. easyJet bought in 1998 40% of TEA Switzerland, and later the proportion was increased to 49%. All easyJet Switzerland aircraft are registered in Switzerland ( HB-. ..), while easyJet aircraft all British identifiers wear ( G-. ... ).

As of August 2013 easyJet operated from and to Switzerland (some only seasonal) following routes:

  • Basel Mulhouse Freiburg to Ajaccio, Alicante, Amsterdam, Antalya, Barcelona, ​​Berlin Schönefeld, Bordeaux, Brussels, Budapest, Cagliari, Catania, Dresden, Dusseldorf, Edinburgh, Faro, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Hamburg, Hurgadha Ibiza, Istanbul- Sabiha Gökçen, Copenhagen, Krakow, Lisbon, London -Gatwick, Madrid, Malaga, Mallorca, Manchester, Marrakech, Nantes, Naples, Nice, Olbia, Porto, Pristina, Rome - Fiumicino, Santiago de Compostela, Split, Tel Aviv, Tenerife South, Thessaloniki, Toulouse and Venice
  • From Geneva to Ajaccio, Alicante, Amsterdam, Asturias, Athens, Barcelona, ​​Belfast, Berlin- Schönefeld, Bilbao, Birmingham, Bordeaux, Bournemouth, Brindisi, Brussels, Bristol, Budapest, Cagliari, Catania, Dubrovnik, Edinburgh, Faro, Glasgow, Hurghada, Ibiza, Copenhagen, Bastia ( Corsica), Heraklion ( Crete), Hurgadha, Leeds / Bradford, Lille, Lisbon, Liverpool, London -Gatwick, London - Luton, London Southend, London - Stansted, Madrid, Malaga, Mallorca, Manchester, Marrakesh, Mykonos, Nantes, Naples, Newcastle, Nice, Olbia, Paris -Orly, Porto, Pristina, Rome - Fiumicino, Santiago de Compostela, Seville, Sharm El -Sheikh, Split, Stockholm, Tel Aviv, Toulouse and Venice
  • From Zurich to London -Gatwick and London - Luton


The presence of easyJet in Austria began on 29 October 2007 with a connection from Vienna to London - Luton, already on 14 December 2007 was followed by flights to and from Innsbruck.

As of November 2011, easyJet operated from and to Austria (from Innsbruck and Salzburg only partly seasonal) following routes:

  • From Innsbruck to Bristol, Liverpool and London -Gatwick
  • From Salzburg to Berlin- Schönefeld, Bristol, Liverpool, London -Gatwick and London - Luton
  • From Vienna to London -Gatwick


EasyJet operates as of November 2012, a total 22 bases in six European countries:

  • United Kingdom United Kingdom: Belfast, Bristol, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Liverpool, London -Gatwick ( largest base of the Company), London - Luton, London Southend, London Stansted, Newcastle and Manchester
  • France France: Lyon, Nice, Paris -Charles de Gaulle, Paris -Orly and Toulouse
  • Germany Germany: Berlin -Schönefeld and Hamburg from 2014
  • Italy Italy: Milan -Malpensa, Rome - Fiumicino and Naples from 2014
  • Portugal: Lisbon
  • Switzerland Switzerland: Basel Mulhouse Freiburg and Geneva

The only base in Spain at the airport of Madrid -Barajas end of October 2012 was abandoned.


As of January 2014, there is a fleet of 236 aircraft from easyJet ( of which 217 are in service) with a mean age of 4.8 years and that of easyJet Switzerland from 22 aircraft with an average age of 6 years. The company is currently the world's largest buyer of the Airbus A319.

Until the fall of 2010 easyJet also pursued machines of the type Airbus A321 -200, which were, however since then replaced by smaller models of the Airbus A320 family. Similarly to the autumn of 2011 all Boeing 737-700 were ausgeflottet.


EasyJet is alleged to violate the rights of passengers under the EU Directive 261/2004 on a regular basis. Passengers would not elucidated in flight failure of their rights. Compensation payments under the EU Directive 261/2004 would be abducted and unlawfully denied. Typically, there is no response to written complaints. Many passengers do not claim the rights because air failures were extremely common and would erroneously be justified by force majeure or strikes. In fact, Easyjet was not able to all flights sold actually perform lack personnel. A regular telephone number and give it for press inquiries not a postal address only at London Luton Airport. E -mails were not always answered. Service staff on site belong to third parties and could not book replacement flights. Changes in flight failure would need to make the passengers themselves via the Internet and also take care of yourself is to find at the airport a suitable Internet access. In case of cancellation by the customer, the fare will not be refunded in accordance with terms and conditions. Also Easyjet is because of dealing with disabled persons in criticism. In January 2012, the company was sentenced to pay a fine of € 70,000 by a Paris court for discrimination because she had not left unaccompanied disabled customers on board. easyJet referred to a European security provision, which authorizes it in exceptional cases, to refuse carriage of passengers. In May 2012, the company was also sentenced to a further judgment for failure to transport a disabled passenger to pay a fine of 14,000 €.