Elena Vaytsekhovskaya

Jelena Sergejewna Waizechowskaja (Russian: Елена Сергеевна Вайцеховская; born March 1, 1958 in Lviv ) is a former Soviet water jumper. She once took part in the Olympic Games, winning a gold medal.


Jelena Waizechowskajas father and mother both worked as a swimming coach and her daughter learned to swim only. After her was to become boring swimming, Waizechowskaja began with the water jump. With the World Swimming Championships in 1975 she reached the fourth place in diving. Your participation at the Summer Olympic Games in Montreal in 1976 it went down shortly before the Games begin, when she won the qualification for the then vacant position in the team for themselves. The Olympic competition from the tower they surprisingly won against the Swede Ulrika Knape and the American Deborah Wilson.

Waizechowskaja now works as a sports journalist.