Xu Yanmei

Xu Yanmei (Chinese许艳梅, Pinyin Xu Yanmei; born February 9, 1971 in Nanchang ) is a former Chinese Water Diving. She once took part in the Olympic Games, winning gold.

Life and career

Xu Yanmeis parents worked in a factory, were made ​​in the aircraft engines. As an eight year old she began her athletic career as a gymnast. After two years she transferred to diving. In the Asian Games 1986 in Seoul Xu had their international debut and won silver from the tower. In advance of the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul Xu Yanmei lost the pre-Olympic competition in the South Korean capital against Guan Xueqing, but could not prevail in the Chinese Olympic qualification itself. In Olympic competition Xu won the gold medal with 445.20 points ahead of the two Americans Michele Mitchell ( 436.95 points) and Wendy Williams ( 400.44 points).

1991 Xu Yanmei retired from active sporting career. She studied overseas Chinese affairs at Hainan University. She now works in the Department of Sports Science of Hainan culture and sports offices.