Greta Johansson

Greta Johansson ( born January 9, 1895 in Stockholm, † January 28, 1978 in San Mateo ) was a Swedish water vaulter and swimmer. She took part in the Summer Olympic Games in 1912 and won a gold medal.


Greta Johansson started Kappsimningsklubb for the club in Stockholm. At the age of 17, she took part in her hometown of Stockholm at the Summer Olympics in 1912. She started competing from the diving platform and won the gold medal ahead of her compatriot Lisa Regnell and the British Isabelle White. So Greta Johansson was the first Olympic champion in the water jumping in Olympic history. It launched in two swimming competitions. About 100 - meter freestyle reached Johansson in fourth in the flow not the final. With the 100-meter freestyle relay she just missed her second Olympic medal in fourth.

Johansson married Ernst Brandsten, which also started in the water jump at the Olympics.