Emil von Sauer

Emil von Sauer ( born October 8, 1862 in Hamburg, † April 29, 1942 in Vienna ) was a German composer, pianist and music teacher.


Early on he was taught by his mother in piano playing. In St. Petersburg he met Anton Rubinstein, he auditioned. On whose recommendation he was from 1879 a student of Nikolai Rubinstein at the Moscow Conservatory. In the years 1884 to 1885 was followed by another study with Franz Liszt in Weimar.

From 1901 he worked at the Conservatory of the Society of Friends of Music, where he headed the piano master class. This activity, he held intermittently until his death. In addition, he made since 1880s to mid- 1930s annual concert tours that took him all over Europe and to the United States and helped him to worldwide recognition.

He edited works by Chopin and Liszt, as well as Scarlatti, Schumann and Brahms. 1917 Sauer was knighted for his achievements.

His compositions include piano concertos, piano sonatas, concert etudes, piano pieces and songs. He was also editor of pedagogical piano literature and wrote an autobiography in 1900. He is regarded as one of the last representatives of the school of Franz Liszt.

Sauer was the father of the jurist Emil von Sauer. In Hamburg -Bahr field Von-Sauer -Straße is named after him, in Vienna since 1952, the Sauer Lane.


Gold Medal of the Royal Philharmonic Society London


Compositions (selection )

  • Piano Concerto in E Minor
  • Piano Concerto in C Minor
  • Piano Sonata in D Major
  • Piano Sonata in E Flat Major
  • Etudes de Concert
  • Suite modern


  • " My world. Images from the secret fold of my art and my life " ( Autobiography, Stuttgart 1901)


Letters of Emil von Sauer are in stock at the Leipzig music publisher CF Peters in Leipzig State Archives.


Recordings of oxygen itself from the years 1923-1941 was published in 1998 as a 3- CD set:

  • Emil von Sauer - The complete commercial recordings. 3 CDs. Marston, 1998. EAN 638 335 300 221

End of 2012, there were about seven CDs of his works available, including

  • Piano Concerto No.1 ( Hyperion Records)
  • Piano works played by Oleg Marshev: Piano Concerto No.2 5 Morceaux de moyenne difficulte; Petite Scene de Ballet; Menuet; Polka de Concert; Galop de Concert. ( Aarhus SO, Loughran ). Danacord 2002
  • Piano Sonata 1
  • Piano Sonata 2
  • Études of Concert Vol 1
  • Études of Concert Vol 2
  • Suite modern