Eva Cassidy

Eva Marie Cassidy ( born February 2, 1963 in Washington, DC; † November 2, 1996 in Bowie, Maryland ) was an American singer.


Cassidy lived in Washington, D.C. and had in her lifetime as an artist a certain level of recognition in her hometown. Full-time she was teacher in a nursery. In 1987 she recorded her first album in 1996 and followed in a small jazz club in Washington, a live album. Their songs are cover versions of folk, soul, gospel, blues and jazz. The diseased skin cancer Cassidy played their last live concert in autumn 1996 on an organized for her Charity Benefit in "At the Bayou ", Georgetown, Washington, DC, in front of fans, friends and family. She ended the concert with a cover version of What a Wonderful World. Only two years after her death, was published by a small label to a compilation of their songs.

The BBC's Radio Two DJ Terry Wogan played 2001 recording of Over the Rainbow from this album. It became the most requested video clip in the long history of the show. Eva Cassidy was then overnight in England posthumously famous. The album Songbird sold in the UK alone a million times and in 2001 was one of the best-selling CDs in the UK. After the success of three more CDs were produced with archival footage.

2007, there was a surprise success, was mixed as one of their recordings of the classic What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong with the voice of Katie Melua. The single, which was released as a charity single for the British Red Cross, reached number 1 in the UK, although it was exclusively marketed by the UK's leading supermarket chain Tesco.