Fast Break (film)

  • Harold Sylvester: D.C.
  • Michael Warren: Tommy ' Preacher ' White
  • Bernard King: Hustler
  • Reb Brown: Bull
  • Mavis Washington: Swish
  • Bert Remsen: Bo Winnegar
  • Randee Heller: Jan
  • Connie Sawyer: Mom
  • John Chappell: Alton Gutkas
  • Rhonda Bates: Enid Gutkas
  • Marty Zagon Henry
  • Richard Brestoff: Howard
  • Laurence Fishburne: Street child

The chance of a lifetime is an American comedy film from the year 1979.


David Greene is an avid basketball fan. Although he has a deli in Brooklyn, his biggest dream is to earn his living as a basketball coach. So he again and again sent applications to maybe somewhere coach a college team may. Meanwhile, his long-suffering wife, Jan, wants nothing more than to buy a house and start a family. Just as he's about to give up his dream, he receives an offer of Cadwallader University, which pays him $ 60 for each win and offers a lucrative contract, provided that the men's team on one of the top 10 teams, the basketball players of the Nevada State can win. Together with his friend Hustler he builds a little crazy, but still powerful team together.


"Great service riser - naive comedy about the American belief in the success of their own efforts; silly predominantly langweilend, dramatically weak and in the superficial sketched conflicts and predictable. "


The film was released on March 2, 1979 in New York City in the cinemas. In Germany the film was first aired on 28 July 1987, ZDF.