Fiorentino is a municipality ( Comune Italian, sanmarinesisch Castello) of San Marino.


It has 2,548 inhabitants and an area of 6.57 km ² and is located in the south of the republic on the river Rio San Marino ( San Marino Torrente also called border to Chiesa Nuova), which opens later in the Marecchia.

Fiorentino borders the municipalities of San Marino Chiesa Nuova, San Marino, Borgo Maggiore, Faetano, Montegiardino and to the Italian municipalities Monte Grimano and Sassofeltrio (both province of Pesaro and Urbino).

Among the districts (Italian Frazione, sanmarinesich Curazie ) include Capanne (450 meters altitude), and Crociale Pianacci (both also 450 m).

The name Fiorentino is due to the lush plant growth in the municipality ( fiorente from Italian = flourishing which is also contained in the name of the city of Florence). By finds from the tombs of the Republican period, and 2 small statues (1920 ), which are now preserved in the Museo di Stato, the Einsiedlung pre-Roman and Roman populations could be witnessed in the area.


By the year 1371 the place belonged to own the Count di Carpegna Nolfo from Carpegna ( Pesaro e Urbino ), then it went over to the Malatesta of Rimini. In 1643 it was conquered and annexed by San Marino. 1463 was the hitherto central fortress in the community, the Castellaccio on the mountain Monte Seghizzo torn down in order to prevent an invasion of the Malatesta. The same thing happened with the remaining two castles, the Torricella Monte San Cristoforo (two years later ) and the Castello di Monte Pennarossa Moganzio.


Fiorentino is represented with teams FC Fiorentino and SP Tre Fiori in the league Campionato Sammarinese di Calcio.