Serravalle (San Marino)

Serravalle is one of the nine municipalities (Italian Comune, sanmarinesisch Castello) of San Marino.


With its 10,571 inhabitants (of which almost 2000 foreign origin ) and an area of ​​10.53 km ², it is the largest and most densely populated municipality of the Republic.

It borders the municipalities of San Marino Domagnano and Borgo Maggiore and the Italian municipalities Verucchio, Rimini and Coriano (all Province of Rimini ).

Among the districts (Italian Frazione, sanmarinesich Curazie ) include Dogana (150 meters altitude, about 7000 inhabitants), Rovereta (148 m), Falciano (148 m, about 1000 inhabitants ) and Galazzano.

The village of Dogana, which lies on the border with Italy at the beginning of the road to Rimini, with its almost 7,000 inhabitants, the metropolitan center and the largest town of the country.


In the medieval sources of capital Castrum Olnani, the village of elm, or Wilde 's name was. The current name comes from the Italian words serra ( mountain range ) and valle ( valley). For the first time documented the place was on August 15, 962 in a paper by Otto I as Serravallum. The central square in the capital of Serravalle is dedicated to Giuseppe Bertoldi, a local scholar who had studied the masterpieces of Dante Alighieri. He was born 1350. The district Rovereta is also known because of the controversial events of 30 October 1957, when an attempted coup against the then left -wing government in San Marino was conducted by representatives of the opposition (see disputes of Rovereta ).


  • Castello dei Malatesta, also called Castello di Serravalle, a former stronghold of the Malatesta in the historic center of Serravalle.
  • Chiesa di Sant'Andrea ( St. Andrew's Church ), built in 1824 and renovated in 1973 by the Italian architect Luigi Fonti from Rimini.
  • Collezione Maranello Rosso Museum of the Automobile (Ferrari and Abarth in the district Falciano )


In the municipality there are many important commercial and industrial areas as Rovereta, Galazzano and La Ciarulla.


Serravalle is represented in the League Campionato Sammarinese di Calcio with the teams Cosmos SS, SS Folgore / Falciano and AC Juvenes / Dogana. The club San Marino Calcio playing in the Italian third division Lega Pro Prima Divisione.

In addition, located in Serravalle, the Stadio Olimpico, in which the San Marino national football team discharging their home games.


In Serravalle there are large parks, the " Parco Ausa " in Dogana and the " Parco Laiala ", which was inaugurated recently.

Public institutions

In the municipality of Serravalle there are quite many public institutions, including many kindergartens and primary schools, a modern middle school, a health center and numerous pharmacies as well as a cinema, a theater, a sala Polivalente ( convention hall ) and the social center in Dogana.

In Dogana alone there are three major department stores, thanks to the San Marino significantly lower VAT cheaper goods than in Italy that sell and live on a thriving trade. In construction is also the San Marino World Trade Center, a large commercial center with many congress halls, high-rise buildings for government offices and facilities for recreation and leisure, only one and a half kilometers from the border with Italy.

Community partnerships

Sons and daughters of the town


The Castello of Serravalle ( facade and entrance )

The Castello of Serravalle (inside)