Flipper (1964 TV series)

The series is based on the movie character Flipper Flipper, a dolphin, who in the films Flipper ( 1963), a new adventure with Pinball (1964) and later in 1996 Flipper movie appearances had. There are two series; the original ran from 1964 to 1967 in three seasons, the remake from 1995 to 2000 in four seasons.

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First series (1964 to 1967)

After the success of two movies to Flipper was 1964-1967 the eponymous television series. A total of 88 episodes of the NBC adventure series aired for three seasons. The authors Ricou Browning, James Buxbaum, Jack Cowden, Mary Little and Monroe Manning created a series of animal heroes, including "Lassie of the Sea" called. Ivan Tors produced the series along with his company Ivan Tors film Inc. and MGM Television, the Miami Seaquarium and NBC.


Porter Ricks works as Chief Ranger of the Coral Key Park on the coast of Florida. There, the widower lives with his two sons, 15 year old Sandy and the ten-year Bud. Family friend is Flipper, the dolphin. The series is about impending dangers, for example, people in distress and manhunt. Flipper saves every situation, so all the episodes on a happy close.

Title song

English original:

- German version ( sung by Hans dolphin and his children ):

Second series (1995 to 2000)

  • Brian Wimmer: Dr. Keith " Bud " Ricks
  • Colleen Flynn: Dr. Pam Blondell
  • Payton Haas: Mike Blondell
  • Jessica Alba: Maya
  • Whip Hubley: Deputy Tom Hampton
  • Elizabeth Morehead: Dr. Jennifer Dalton
  • Wren T. Brown: Quinn
  • Scott Michaelson: Dean
  • Anja Coleby: Holly Myers
  • Gus Mercurio: "Cap " Daulton
  • Tiffany Lamb: Lt. Cmdr. Alex Parker
  • Darrin Klimek: Mark Delaney
  • Craig Marriott: Chris Parker
  • Laura Donaldson: Jackie Parker
  • Skye Patch: Courtney Gordon

Under the title Flippers New Adventure (The New Adventures of Flipper ) a remake of the series was filmed and aired for four seasons from 1995 to 2000. The German premiere took place in November 1996.




The trainer Richard O'Barry, who trained the five pinball performer for the first TV season in 1964, spoke out against the later training of dolphins as movie stars, because it meant considerable stress for the animals. Flipper have triggered a worldwide dolphin hype and created a steadily growing demand for water docile artists. He argues, therefore, for it to boycott dolphin shows. O'Barry, who became an animal rights activist after the witnessed death of one of the representative female dolphin of the series, documented in 2009 in the bay that many of these dolphins are deprived with cruel methods of their freedom, while their counterparts who are not selected as a show performer were to be killed painfully.