Foveaux Strait

Geographical location

The Foveaux Street (English Foveaux Strait) is a strait in New Zealand. Your north side is formed by the southern coast of New Zealand's South Island, which here has three large bays, Te Waewae Bay, Oreti Beach and Toetoes Bay. South of the road are the Solanderinseln, Stewart Iceland and Ruapuke Iceland.

The road was discovered in 1804 by Owen Folger Smith for Europeans and is named after Joseph Foveaux, who was then Vice Governor of New South Wales.

The road is wide of Ruapuke Iceland to the Little Solanderinsel about 130 km long and between 14 km and 50 km at Ruapuke Iceland at the Te Waewae Bay. Its depth increases from east to west by 20 m to 120 m.

On the north side of the street is the New Zealand port of Bluff.

The road is located in the Roaring Forties and is characterized by rough weather. 2006 died six " Muttonbirders " when their boat sank on the way back to Bluff. In the 10 years before, it had already come to 6 other accidents with 8 deaths.

The street is the center of the New Zealand oysters.


Te Waewae Bay is the westernmost of the three major bays on the street. It is 27 km long, the western end of the bay is mountainous and the southern end of the Southern Alps and Fiordland National Park. The town of Tuatapere is located 7 km north of the bay on the shores of the opening into the bay Waiau River.

The Oreti Beach is the middle bay and 26 km long. It lies between the town of Riverton and the mouth of the Aparima River in the north-west and the mouth of the New (or Oreti ) River in the southeast. The city of Invercargill is located on the New River Estuary 5 km east of the bay.

The Toetoes Bay is the eastern of the three bays on the street. It is 30 km long, the southern end of the Awarua Plain, a swamp, which extends 15 km inland. The eastern end of the bay is close to Slope Point, the southernmost point of the South Island of New Zealand and go here in the " The Catlins " area referred to above.

Tiwai Point aluminum smelter with its situated on a peninsula between the western end of the bay at the edge of the port of Bluff. The Waituna Lagoon is located approximately in the middle of the coast of the Bay, at the eastern end of the bay opens the Mataura River.