Franz Plangger

Franz Plangger ( born October 2, 1968) is a former Austrian skeleton bob.

Franz Plangger launched for the first time in November 1988 at a race in Calgary in the World Cup and was immediately fourth. In January 1993, he won his first of six in Oberhof World Cup races. In the 1992/93 season he won all three World Cup races, winning also consider the overall World Cup. There were other top rankings in the World Cup: Second 1994/95, Third 1989/90 and 1993/94, Fourth 1988/89 and 1996/97, fifth in 1990/91 and 1995 /96 apply.

At World Championships Plangger launched first time in 1989 in St. Moritz, where he won the bronze medal equal. 1991 in Igls, he finished fourth in 1992 in Calgary second in 1993 behind Andy Schmid second in La Plagne. In 1994, a bronze medal added, 1995 in Lillehammer sixth place. 1996 Plangger had just beaten Ryan Davenport in Calgary. He took part in another four world championships until 2000, but was never placed in the top 10 there. Despite his great success, he could never win the World Cup title. In European Championships he could reach a top places only once, in 1988. Here he won the bronze medal in Winterberg.

National championship he could once Vice ( 1988) and third once ( 1999),. More success was not possible as yet, ie they take place in the best phase of the athlete Plangger, no championships in Austria between 1990 and 1998. After the 1999/2000 season Plangger drove one more season in the European Cup and finished after his career.