FV Athena


Det Norske Veritas

IMO no. 8907096

The Athena was a fishing trawler the shipping company Ocean Group Faroes Ltd.. Hósvík from the Faroe Islands. She became famous when she 425 km southwest of the Isles of Scilly came on October 26, 2010 in the Irish Sea on fire. On board were at the time of the fire outbreak 111 people.

The Athena was a factory ship, will be processed on the freshly caught fish. The 89 -meter-long Athena was built in 1992. On the ship there were 2008 and 2010 fires. Before the fire of 2010, the ship was repaired in a Chinese shipyard.



On 24 February 1989, the contract for the construction of the vessel was signed. The ship was built at the shipyard Factorias Vulcano, SA, Vigo, yard number 503. On October 9, 1991, was placed on Kiel, the launch took place on 20 February 1992. Effective November 1, 1992, the ship was finally completed.


The ship was initially as Kapitan Azarkin for Dalmoreproduct Trawlers Ltd. , put into service in Vladivostok, Russia. In 2001, the ship Laskaridis Shipping Co. Ltd. was. in Athens, Greece, and renamed to the name Athena. In the same year it was sold to the South Korean mountains Industries & Fishing Corporation. The ship moved again in 2005 to the owner: First, it was to Davlos Shipping Ltd.. and in the same year at Atlantic Wave Co. Ltd.. sold.

During this time, the ship was renamed Skadi. Later it was used by the Ocean Group Faroes Ltd.. acquired in Hósvík and again changed back to the name Athena. 2008, the name of the ship in Athena II, changed back to Athena 2009. The ship was last registered in Hósvík.

Brand 2010

On 27 October 2010 broke on board the ship on the way to a fishing area in the Irish Sea about 425 km south-west of the British Isles of Scilly fire from. According to the shipping company, the fire had broken out against 6.20 clock local time in a storage room for packing material.

The rescue operation on the burning ship was made ​​more difficult because the ship was traveling far offshore. The nearest major promontory of Penmarch in Brittany, the distance was about 500 kilometers to the time of the accident. As the BBC reported on 27 October 2010, the captain of the Athena had arranged that first 81 Crew members should board the lifeboats. The weather had been calm at this time. Another 17 crew members are followed later in lifeboats. The remaining 13 crew members stayed on board to fight the already placed at that time controlled fire on. All shipwrecked persons were rescued by the container ship Vega, who was on the way from Antwerp to Jamaica and had received the distress call of Athena and taken to Falmouth. Captain and crew of the Vega were awarded in May 2011 for the rescue of the German Society for Sea Rescue ( GMRS ) with the Medal for rescue from drowning in bronze.

In the course of the 28th of October specially trained firefighters of the Fire and Rescue Service Cornwall were flown to the Athena. At the time of the fire was not yet cleared on the ship.

With the bailout of the British coast guard came a Dassault Falcon 50, a long-haul aircraft of the French Navy, used to make radio contact between the location of the rescue operation and the MRCC Falmouth. A Navy SAR helicopter was requested by 771 Naval Air Squadron in Cornwall, but did not participate in the rescue operation. He was kept on the Isles of Scilly for possible use.

The crew consisted of Athena in this journey of sailors from China, Peru, Russia and Scandinavian countries.

In August 2011, the ship, which had been declared a constructive total loss, was towed for demolition to Esbjerg in Denmark.