Gary Wright

Gary Wright ( born April 26, 1943 in New Jersey ) is an American musician.


Gary Wright began his career as a child on a TV show. In the 1960s, he came to Europe ( among others also to Berlin ) to study psychology. In 1967 he became a member of the group Spooky Tooth. The group broke up several times and re-formed again. In the intervals he pursued a solo career, which culminated in the hits Dreamweaver and Love is Alive in 1976. The album The Dreamweaver reached # 7 on the album charts and was to remain his most successful. Until the early 1980s, he published he still quite successful albums and singles that could be placed on the Billboard 200 album charts respectively on the Billboard Hot 100, but the success of Dreamweaver he could not repeat. His later albums were released commercially far less successful and placed no longer in the charts.

Wright is also a composer for numerous artists and bands. His titles were interpreted band, among others, Judas Priest, Joe Cocker, Peter Frampton, Foreigner, Kenny Loggins and Manfred Mann's Earth. In addition, Wright also worked as Tonmixer in numerous productions of Eric Clapton.




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