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Gerhard Egger (born 14 October 1949 in Gosau, Upper Austria ) is an Austrian singer-songwriter, composer, author and alpine rock pioneer the first hour. It is also called "Most Rocker".

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Folk Musicians (from 1953)

Gerhard Egger visited in 1956 the primary school in Gosau and changed in 1960 in the main school to Bad Goisern. There he stood with the late rock singer Wilfried Scheutz in a school band for the first time on stage. 1964 took him into musically educational secondary school after Oberschützen in southern Burgenland. So far, self-taught, he received first piano and church organ lessons. As a fan of the Beatles, he learned through self-study guitar and began to write her own songs in English.

Songwriter, educator, producer

In 1969 he moved to Linz, enrolled at the Pedagogical Academy and won with their own songs the artist competition of Innviertel Grand Prix. As a singer, guitarist and songwriter of the group Art Boys Collection he reached in 1971 with "Jesus said" number 3 on the disc parade of the radio station Ö3. This was followed by tours with the Milestones, Worried Men Skiffle Group, Waterloo & Robinson or Marika Lichter.

For the 1972 published ABC album " Stoned Wall" Egger wrote style mix songs. The production was initially only moderately successful for a radio boycott. Egger left the group, completed his studies, took up a position as an elementary school teacher in barn -Paura and hitchhiked for two summers playing music through Europe. In 1974 he married and worked as a spokesman for an "action group primary school teacher ", which ushered to the administrative equality between elementary and secondary school teachers with a signature campaign. A year later, in 1975, he turned to his Anglo-American style mix on dialect and embellished it with folk music elements. He also toured for 5 years as keyboardist and singer with the cover band " Broadway " by Austria and Bavaria. In 1980 he founded with fellow musicians, to which later the composer Hanneliese Kreissl- Wurth came, the recording studio ring road in Wels and wrote songs for Waterloo & Robinson, Waterloo solo and Wilfried Scheutz, some of which were produced by Christian Kolonovits or Klaus Prünster.

Most rockers (from 1985)

In 1985, he called together with the guitarist Gery Moder the band " Gerhard Egger & The Most Rocker" to life. Your previously hardly usual mix of styles from rock and folk music called "Most Rock". Instrumentation: G. Egger (vocals, guitar, keyboards), G. Moder (guitar), W. Zeininger ( bass), W. Mayr grave (keyboards ), M. Eder (drums). 1987 caught the first album "From Dachstoa up to Tennessee " quite a stir even before musicians like Attwenger, Rauhnacht, Ausseer Hardbradler, Seer and Hubert von Goisern stormed the stage. The second album was released in 1991, the Alpine rock opera " Hallstatt - The Mystical ". At the Hallstatt Culture Week "Art in the Valley " experienced the rock theater play was premiered in 1993. 1994 Egger was a successful composer voting cooperative members of the Austrian copyright society AKM. In the same year he moved to Lambach.

1995 produced Egger / mildew with the support of a studio musician Willi Langer and Tommy Böröczdas third album " Hoamatblues ". The single " Sheni Leni " was played on the radio often. An alpine rock double - tour with the Ausseer hardware Brad learning followed. Instrumentation: G. Egger ( vocals, guitar, button accordion, harmonica ), G. Moder (guitar ), G. Landschützer (keyboards), Chr Sigl ( bass), F. Stingl (drums). Egger 1996 created the alpine rock children's musical " The rafters hangover & The Traun spirits" and brought it with 300 participants in barn -Paura on stage. In addition to this, he wrote a reading and song book. A year later, 1997, he was the 10th anniversary of the occupation of Hainburg wetlands by conservationists a concert in front of the Vienna City Hall. The fourth album from the " in between" single from the " Gemma on " remained for 25 weeks, the Austria -wide top 15 airplay charts. The tour took commuters via the Vienna's Ernst Happel Stadium and the International radio exhibition Berlin.

World Musicians (from 1998)

1998 Egger wrote and produced according to the motto "Think globally, act locally " the " Stadlinger anthem". There was an album with ten different versions and performers from pop, rock, folk and choral music scene, as well as the classics. For World Festival 1999, he contributed MIVA at the " World Song" and presented him with the world band of musicians from Africa, Latin America, Asia and Europe belonged. In 2000 he devoted himself to the surf - Olympic champion Christoph Sieber the Christoph Sieber -surfing song and brought it to the Olympic gala premiere and 2001, was created in collaboration with the author Ruth Zizlavsky a reading and Children's Songbook, entitled " Rüdiger, the fire dragon ".

2002 commissioned him the daily news Upper Austrian dialect texts of their Franz Stelzhamer poetry contest " Segn and Sagn " set to music. The results were presented on a CD of the same and on a Gala at the State Theatre Linz. In 2003, the album appeared " honeymoon period " with Eggers settings of Stelzhamer poems. A tour through Austria with the Most rockers and the new drummer Stefan Hofer followed.


In 2003, Gerhard Egger, the head of the primary school barn -Paura, and devoted himself for the next six years of school development. In 2009 he entered the educational retirement and was honored for his achievements with the Honorary Ring of community barn -Paura. In the same year his " Zwiegedichte " published in poetry anthology of Stelzhamerbundes.


Published in 2010, the must Rocker his book "Time traces of the inner Salzkammergut ". In posthumous collaboration with his grandfather, he went in on historical clues. The book was presented at the Frankfurt Book Fair. 2011 forty year old album of his first band Type Boys Collection was reissued. Radio and internet platforms on every continent ensured that it reached # 1 in the nitro download charts. Rezensoren from Japan to the United States spoke of one of the most beautiful rediscoveries of recent years. EUR traded - For collectors then was an original LP from 1972 up to 1500.



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