Ghana Premier League

The Ghana Premier League is the top division in the Ghanaian football. It was first held in 1956.

In the Ghana Premier League soccer champions will be in the Ghanaian league system in which each club competes in home and away matches against each other club that played out. The last three teams will be relegated to the Division One League. This system has changed in the history of the GPL almost every year. The league is organized by the Ghana Football Association and was listed as 11th best league in Africa by the IFFHS 2001 to 2010. In Global Ranking the league reached the 65 number 65, in the first decade (2001-2010) of the 21st century, in the category "Best league in the world ". Between 2009 and 2013, the League was officially called " Globacom Premier League " (abbreviation: GPL). In February 2014, the First Capital Plus Bank took over the naming rights to the league, which has since been officially First Capital Plus Bank Premier League means.

Master since 1956

Transmission rights

In September 2013, the South African sports channel SuperSport took over the rights to broadcast the league, following an agreement with the GFA.