Goolwa, South Australia

Goolwa is a town of nearly 6,000 residents in the Australian state of South Australia. Goolwa is located about 100 kilometers south of Adelaide and 20 kilometers east of Victor Harbor. It is situated on the Fleurieu Peninsula at the mouth of the Murray River in the Southern Ocean, and is the seat of the administrative area ( LGA) Alexandrina Council.

From the ancient port city you have access to Hindmarsh Iceland and the wetlands of the Coorong National Park via a bridge. The name Goolwa means in the language of the Ngarrindjeri as much as elbows and describes the shape of the Murray River near the city.


Before 1837 was thought for some time about to build the capital of the colony in the area. The exploration was undertaken in the years 1839 to 1840 and reported a larger town near the Currency Creek. At the point at which today is Goolwa, a harbor to be built with a large trading post. However, the flow at the mouth of the Murray River proved to be treacherous, clearing the place for a large port inappropriate.

1853 Goolwa was the first inland port in Australia, as the railway line from Port Elliot had been completed and thus the Durchfahrung the dangerous Murray mouth could be circumvented. The further expansion of the railroad into the interior, particularly the direct link from Adelaide to Morgan in 1878 and according to Murray Bridge in 1886, the IWT made ​​along the Murray River competition and repressed this eventually. By 1913, 60 ships were built in the shipyards of Goolwa, including 37 steamers. After the city had lost its importance as a port and trading center, she lived on agriculture and fishing, in the course of time it became a popular recreational area of ​​the city of Adelaide.