Guy Berryman

Guy Rupert Berryman ( born April 12, 1978 in Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland) is the bassist for the band Coldplay. He also plays in Apparatjik.


At age 12 he moved to Kent, England, and got his first with 13 bass guitar.

1996 Berryman learned at University College London, where he studied engineering, his bandmate Chris Martin, Jonny Buckland and Will Champion know.

Berryman had an influence on The Beatles, Kool & The Gang, Pink Floyd and James Brown.

In his youth he was a member of a band called "Time Out". During his school years he played trumpet and drums.

At the University he began to study engineering, heard after two semesters, however, again because it was too difficult for him. He turned to studying architecture. But that he heard on soon, in order to concentrate fully on playing in the band. While his bandmates continue studying, he worked as a waiter in a pub.

In 2004 he married the designer Joanna Briston, with whom he has a daughter. In March 2007, the couple announced their separation. Berryman is left-handed, but plays the bass with the right and classic.

Guy Berryman is a fan of the football club Raith Rovers; based in his hometown.