Gym Class Heroes

Gym Class Heroes are an alternative hip- hop band from Geneva, New York.

The group was founded in 1997 by lead singer Travie McCoy and drummer Matt McGinley. Over time guitarist Disashi Lumumba Kasongo and bassist Ryan Geise were added. Gym Class Heroes released the self-produced albums Hed Candy ( 1999), Greasy Kids Stuff (2000) and For the Kids ( 2001 ), the great success did not materialize. 2004 carefully the EP The Papercut Chronicles to the group Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy and took her for his label Decaydance Records. In the years 2005 and 2006 GCH was part of the Warped Tour. On 4 November 2006, the album As Cruel as School Children was released in the U.S.. In December of the year came Cupid's Chokehold, a cover of the song Breakfast in America by Supertramp on the market. With the single, which was already on The Papercut Chronicles and in 2005 was first released, there was, as with other various pieces of a collaboration with Patrick Stump of " Fall Out Boy" ( in this case for the background voice known). It reached # 4 on the Billboard charts, and position 3 in England. Instead of working with traditional instruments for hip-hop production, use GCH live instruments like for example the artists Stetsasonic, The Roots, k -os and Crown City Rockers.

At the MTV Video Music Awards 2007, the group won the award in the category Best New Artist. In addition, they were nominated in the Best Group category. At the MTV Europe Music Awards 2007 they were also nominated in the category Ultimate Urban.

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Band History

MC Travie " Schleprok " McCoy and drummer Matt McGinley became friends during physical education at their local high school in Geneva, New York. The band's name reflects that. Officially, the band came together in 1997. The original members of the band played on birthday parties, clubs and festivals, which brought her to many places in the Northeast, including two years on Warped Tour (2003 /2004). In the course of 2004, guitarist Milo Bonacci was replaced by the current guitarist Lumumba - Kasongo Disashi. Shortly before their first successes in mid-2005 left bassist Ryan Geise the band and was replaced by a friend bassist Eric Roberts. First small success could be recorded with the self-produced album "For the Kids " after lead singer Travie McCoy MTV Direct Effect MC Battle and as a prize won in Styles P. ' s video " Daddy Get That Cash" appeared.

Indie success

In the indie scene Gym Class Heroes became more and more success and developed more and more of a cult band. An online entertainment network had a special interest and published a video tour blog. Later came another interview at a show on the same network. These and other programs helped the work of the band better known and to introduce them to a wider audience outside the New York scene.

Decaydance Records

After Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy heard the song "Taxi Driver", he invited the band to one of his shows. Then they came to a sub-label of Fueled by Ramen contract with Pete Wentz 's label Decaydance Records. Travis later said that among other things, the support Patrick Stump's and the family atmosphere ultimately led to. Moreover, they were back again at the Warped Tour in the summer of 2005 and 2006. Another tour they finished with The All- American Rejects on November 29 in Las Vegas. With RX Bandits, k -os and P.O.S. they were headlining at The Daryl Hall For President Tour '07.

Furthermore, they were there as the opening act for Gwen Stefani 's ' The Sweet Escape Tour' in Australia and New Zealand during July and August 2007.

After Verizon Wireless Campus Tour with The Pack, they joined the 'Young Wild Things Tour' with Fall Out Boy, Plain White T's and Cute Is What We Aim ​​For in October 2007.

Gym Class Heroes worked with the R & B singer Kelly Rowland on a song called " Daylight" together. The music video was produced by Jeremy Rall.

So planning, GCH be on the Vans Warped Tour 2008, also be represented again.


Studio albums