Hanshin Expressway

Hanshin Expressway (Japanese阪神 高速 道路, Hanshin kōsokudōro, dt " Hanshin Expressway [ s ] ", engl. Hanshin Expressway ) refers to a highway network with a total length of 273 km, which to the Japanese cities Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto so just open up the Hanshin area.


The motorway network is of the same company Hanshin Kōsokudōro KK (阪神 高速 道路 株式会社, ~ Kabushiki - gaisha, Eng. Hanshin Expressway Company Limited) operated. It was created in 2005 with the privatization of the public company founded in 1962, the same ( Kodan, Eng. Public corporation ). The routes were constructed as earthquake-resistant buildings, but broke during the earthquake of Kobe in 1995 partly assembled, rushed to the side or showed deformations at a number of supporting pillars. By 1996 that destroyed or damaged sections of the network were restored.

Route network