Hauraki District

The Hauraki District is situated in the region of Waikato District on the North Island of New Zealand. Administrative seat is the town of Paeroa.


The Hauraki District is located at the foot of the Coromandel Peninsula, one - especially for the residents of Auckland - New Zealand popular holiday region. The rest of the north of the district lying peninsula is part of the Thames - Coromandel District. In the southeast the Western Bay of Plenty - district, in the south of Matamata - Piako district and west of the Waikato district adjoins.

In addition, the Hauraki District borders on two different sides to the sea. In the north- west of the Firth of Thames begins (German: Thames Firth ) and thus the Hauraki Gulf, separates the Coromandel Peninsula from the city of Auckland, while in the east the Bay of Plenty and thus the Pacific begins. The entire western part of the district is dominated by the Hauraki Plains, one formed by the two rivers Piako and Waihou / Thames flat alluvial plain, which extends to the Matamata - Piako District, while the eastern district area of hilly nature and is largely the Kaimai Ranges is attributed.


Compared to other areas in the North Island of the Hauraki district is relatively sparsely populated and had even experienced a population decline of two percent in the period 2001-2004, although the Coromandel Peninsula is a thriving tourist area and a city of millions, only about 200 kilometers away with Auckland is.

In addition to Paeroa with 3900 inhabitants still exist following other larger settlements, namely the gold mining town Waihi 4500, Ngatea with about 1000 inhabitants and the resort Whiritoa with only a few hundred permanent residents, the population exceeds but slightly during the holiday season, the 1000 brand.


The economy of the district is quite broad. In addition to agriculture in the fertile Hauraki Planins tourism plays mainly in Whiritoa which has an excellent beach and a lagoon, an extremely important role. Another industry is mining. So aboveground gold was mined in Waihi until 2006. Since then, the reduction will be pursued underground. An extremely well-known in New Zealand soft drink maker, now part of Coca -Cola, Lemon & Paeroa, is produced in Paeroa and advertises with the slogan " World Famous in New Zealand" ( In New Zealand, world-famous )