Helmut Jahn

Helmut Jahn ( born January 4, 1940 in Fuerth near Nuremberg ) is a German architect.


Helmut Jahn joined in 1965 to study architecture at the Technical University of Munich with a diploma. In 1966 he went to Chicago to take a post-graduate studies in architecture at the Illinois Institute of Technology. In 1967 he joined the architectural firm CF Murphy Associates by Charles Murphy ( 1890-1985 ). As Jahn in 1983 took over the management of the office, it was renamed Murphy / Jahn.

In addition to his projects in the U.S., Jahn, its origin focuses appropriately on buildings in Germany. After several unexecuted designs for the Gulf States, he devoted himself from circa 2005 reinforced the bauboomende China.

Jahn procured international recognition with spectacular buildings such as the Frankfurt Fair Tower ( 1985-91 ), the Sony Center with Bahn Tower at Potsdamer Platz in Berlin (1993-2000 ), the airport Suvarnabhumi (1995-2005 ) and the Veer Towers in Las Vegas (2006-2010). In 1983, the honorary membership of the Association of German Architects BDA, he was awarded.

Murphy / Jahn have offices in Chicago, Berlin and Shanghai.

Jahn is married to an American and has a son who is a German and American citizenship. Jahn has residences in Chicago, New York and Berlin.

Structures ( selection)

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  • Helmut Jahn - Process Progress - 30th November 2012 to February 24, 2013 at Neues Museum Nuremberg