Here Comes the Boom

  • Kevin James: Scott Voss
  • Salma Hayek: Bella Flores
  • Henry Winkler: Marty
  • Charice: Malia De La Cruz
  • Bas Rutten: Niko
  • Gary Valentine: Eric Voss
  • Reggie Lee: Mr. De La Cruz
  • Joe Rogan: He himself
  • Herb Dean: He himself
  • Mike Goldberg: He himself
  • Greg Germann: Director cup
  • Jason Miller: "Lucky" Patrick Murray
  • Melissa Peterman: Lauren Voss
  • Bruce Buffer: He himself
  • Krzysztof Soszynski: Ken Dietrich

The emphasis is a comedy film from 2012 by director Frank Coraci with lead actor Kevin James. The film premiered on October 9, 2012 its premiere in New York. The German theatrical release was on 8 November 2012.


The 42 -year-old Scott Voss, a former college wrestler who works as a biology teacher at a high school in Boston, Massachusetts. Ten years earlier, Scott Voss teacher of the year, but is now discouraged by the school system. He is also involved hardly for the needs of the school or tries to make the lessons interesting. When he learns that the school curriculum should all foreign activities, including the music program emphasize due to budget cuts, he starts looking for a way to raise money for the continuation of the program, otherwise the music teacher would lose his job. In the evening school, he first worked as a teacher in an integration course in which immigrants prepare for the citizenship test. There he met the Dutch fitness coach Niko know, who also mixed martial arts teaches, among other things, in a gym. Motivated by the high combat salaries, Voss starts, by the way to work as a mixed martial arts fighter in order to earn the money needed for school on your own. Initially held by his colleagues and acquaintances insane, he manages soon, his students and the faculty to know behind. In addition, he finds himself again motivation to offer its students an exciting lessons. It also manages to build a relationship with the school nurse Bella Flores, which he tried in vain for years to data.

As is being offered a chance to fight in the UFC league where already own the shows, with $ 10,000 being rewarded, he sees his chance. Against all expectations, he wins in the end even the fight.


  • The director Frank Coraci was sitting not only on the director's chair, but can also be seen as a supporting actor in the film.
  • The main actor Kevin James has worked as a producer and screenwriter on this film.
  • The UFC fighter Chael Sonnen has a brief cameo appearance in the film.


The emphasis was measured on 71 reviews at Rotten Tomatoes with an average rating of 42 %.