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Hobro [ hobʀo ː ʔ ] is a Danish trading town on the Mariagerfjord, which flows into the Baltic Sea. The town with 11,754 inhabitants ( 1 January 2013) located in the North Jutland. Since the Danish municipal reform in 2007, the city of Mariagerfjord belongs commune with Mariager at its center. The name Hobro got the city by a bridge, Danish "bro " that led across the river Onsild Å.

The place has good transport links: the E 45 motorway passes through the city and leads north to Aalborg and Frederikshavn and south to Randers, Aarhus, Skanderborg and Vejle.

From the railway station operate regional and fast trains to Aalborg and Aarhus.

Sons and daughters

  • Gert Frank ( born 1956 ), track cyclist
  • Tom Kristensen (1967 ), race car driver
  • Michael V. Knudsen (born 1978 ), handball players
  • Matias Faldbakken (* 1973), writer and visual artist