House of Lords (Band)

House of Lords is an American melodic rock band that emerged in 1988 from the group Giuffria.


Giuffria, who had already released two albums, in 1988 signed a contract with Simmons Records, the newly founded label of Kiss bassist Gene Simmons. Simmons changed the band name to the House of Lords and replaced the singer David Glen Eisley with James Christian. Simmons liked the demos that Gregg Giuffria had sent him for Giuffrias third album, but he did not like the singer's voice. The bassist Chuck Wright then suggested James Christian, with whom he had played in LA Rocks. Eisley singer was then in the group Dirty White Boy.

The self-titled debut album was produced by Andy Johns and Gregg Giuffria and published in 1988, Simmons served as executive producer. Sales in Europe was acquired by BMG Ariola. For backing vocals, among other things, the singer Jeff Scott Soto has been committed. The sound had become harder compared to Giuffrias first two albums, the keyboards were more in the background. The critics praised the album, and the House of Lords went in 1989 as a support for Cheap Trick and later for the Scorpions in the U.S. on tour. The group had achieved a hit with the title I Wanna be Loved, the number 58 on the Billboard Hot 100. As the second single written by Stan Bush Title Love Do not lie was released, but had no appreciable success. 1990, guitarist Lanny Cordola the group and was replaced by Michael Guy.

The next album, the group, which had been recorded with many guest musicians, received the title of Sahara. It appeared in 1990 and was re- produced by Andy Johns, but this time in collaboration with the whole group. Again, Simmons served as executive producer. On the images, especially other guitarists were involved: Doug Aldrich, Rick Nielsen ( Cheap Trick ), Chris Impellitteri and Mandy Meyer; for background songs made ​​you look at the support of Robin Zander ( Cheap Trick ), Mike Tramp, Steve Plunkett, Ron Keel ( Keel ) and ex Giuffria singer David Glenn Eisley. The first single was the Blind Faith cover Can not find my way home; the second single, Remember my name, reached number 72 of the Hot 100 Shortly after this success left Chuck Wright and Ken Mary the group.

In 1992, the group changed the record label and signed to Victory Music, Inc., the product was distributed through PolyGram. Victory published Demons Down, which is referred to as his favorite album of James Christian to date, and was produced by David Thöner and House of Lords. On this record, played Dennis Chick ( guitar), Sean McNabb (bass) and Tommy Aldridge (drums ); the two remaining original members were keyboardist Gregg Giuffria and now even singer James Christian. There were again prominent musicians who supported the recording was Paul Stanley sang in the background of the song Johnny's got a mind of his own, Fiona also sang background vocals, as additional guitarist acted Tim Pierce and Danny Jacobs, and David Glen Eisley was there again. As singles Demons Down and the ballad What 's Forever For published. After the group had recorded some demos to find a new contract and a new label, they parted.

Ten years later, the group was in the original cast back together and gave some concerts in the United States. House of Lords took on new demos and strove for a new contract, which came first with Dead Line Music materialize. The band recorded the album The Power and the Myth, but when it was published in 2004, Gregg Giuffria had already gotten out and the keyboards were played by various session musicians. Over the next two years, all members left up to James Christian group. James Christian had not been involved in the songwriting and with the direction that took on the project, in his own words do not agree. He wanted to continue the House of Lords in the tradition of the Sounds of Demons Down, while the other members ( Chuck Wright and Lenny Cordola ) rather preferred a modern, more alternative sound, so that the separation was useful.

2006 succeeded Christian, however, to gain a new team for the House of Lords project. The singer was now the owner of all rights to the House of Lords, which he had acquired by Gregg Giuffria. In a completely new cast, the next album was recorded: World Upside Down. It was released in 2006 with Frontiers Records, an Italian label that has been made ​​especially by the obligation of famous artists from the Melodic Rock a name. On the same label was released in 2007, a live album titled Live in the UK, but which was only released in Europe.

In 2008, the group released the album Come to my Kingdom, followed in 2009 Cartesian Dreams, which was added to the occupation of James Christian, Jimi Bell, BJ Zampa and Chris McCarvill. Additional guitar work came from Tommy Denander. 2011 Album Big Money has been published. The band was also regularly on tour, while 2007, 2009 and 2012 also in Germany.


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  • Cartesian Dreams - 2009 ( Frontiers Records )
  • Big Money - 2011 ( Frontiers Records )
  • Precious Metal - 2014 ( Frontiers Records )