HP (disambiguation)

HP is an abbreviation for:

  • Mezzanine floor; see the ground floor ( Architecture )
  • Rehearsal, a rehearsal shortly before the dress rehearsal and premiere
  • Halfpipe, a form of competition in snowboarding
  • HP Sauce, a well-known British Würzsauce
  • The post code area Hemel Hempstead ( as the initial letters of a postcode from the UK )

Personal names:

  • Hans -Peter, the name generally
  • HP Baxxter (Hans -Peter Geerdes ), singer of the band Scooter
  • Harry Potter, fictional character from the novel of the same series


  • Naturopaths
  • Helicobacter pylori, a bacterium which is present in the human stomach
  • Hypoparathyroidism, caused by underactive parathyroid disease in which a lack of parathyroid hormone secretion to calcium deficiency leads


  • Hatley / Pirbal, a method for structured analysis, taking into account real-time requirements
  • Accumulation point
  • High point of a function, see extreme value
  • Hodrick -Prescott filter, a mathematical means of macroeconomics to analyze business cycles

Computer science:

  • Homepage home page of a website
  • Higher programming language
  • Health Points or Hit Points, a concept in computer games, see Hit Point


  • Horsepower, English for the unit horsepower
  • Holland profile, a flat steel profile
  • Handphone, common in Asia designation of the mobile phone
  • Trailer passenger cars (eg HP 500), a classification of the industry association vehicles of the GDR


  • Hewlett -Packard, a technology company
  • HP Palm, a smartphone maker
  • HP Velotechnik, a bicycle manufacturer
  • A car brand of the Hilton British manufacturer Pacey engine
  • HP, former French automobile manufacturer


License Plate:

  • Germany: Kreis mountain road ( for Heppenheim ( mountain road ) )
  • Greece: Heraklion, Heraklion see (Prefecture)
  • UK: Portsmouth
  • India: Himachal Pradesh
  • Norway: Kongsvinger in Hedmark
  • Hungary: Hungarian armed forces (Magyar Honvédség )


  • Breakpoint of railways
  • IATA code of the American airline America West
  • Half board, for example, in travel catalogs
  • Main Square, Central Square in one place

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