Hugh V of Lusignan

V. Hugo of Lusignan († October 8, 1060 in Lusignan ), called " the Pious " (Latin Pius ), was the fifth Lord of Lusignan and Lord of Couhé. He was the son of Hugh the Brown and his wife Audéarde.

He married Almodis de la Marche, daughter of Count Bernard I of La Marche. From this connection, his eldest son should inherit 1091 the county of La Marche. With Almodis Hugo had two sons and a daughter: The twin brothers Hugo VI. and Jordan, as well as Melisende. The latter married Simon, lord of Parthenay. The marriage was dissolved Almodis later due to the near kinship. Hugo arranged for his wife's remarriage with Pons II, Count of Toulouse.

As Hugo's lord Duke William VIII of Aquitaine led war against William IV of Toulouse, Almodis Hugo persuaded to join the side of his stepson. The Duke besieged thereupon Hugo in his castle in Lusignan. In order to get supplies led Hugo on October 8, 1060 a failure and was killed in battle at the gates of his castle.