Hunedoara ( German iron market, Hungarian Vajdahunyad ) is a city in Romania, located in the homonymous district of Hunedoara in Transylvania. In some other versions, the city Hunyad, Hannedeng, Hunyadiopolis or Eisenstadt is called.


The city was first mentioned in 1265. In the Middle Ages there was in the city of the powerful noble family Corvin, also the Hungarian king Matthias Corvinus comes from this generation.

The once second largest ironworks in Hunedoara Romania is now largely shut down and no longer has any blast furnaces; these were blown up. Only a 100 - ton electric arc furnace, a continuous casting and rolling mill still working. The steel plant belongs ArcelorMittal.


The castle of Hunedoara, Castelul de Hunedoara (also: Castle Corvinus, Castle Corvin ( abbreviation), castle of Corviner, castle iron market, Black Castle ( German ), Vajdahunyad Castle, castle Hunyadi ( Hungarian) ), built around the year 1452 in the Gothic style built by John Hunyadi ( Iancu de Hunedoara ) on a limestone rock on the remains of a fortress from the 14th century. The remaining parts were built under Matthias Corvinus and the Prince Bethlen.


Sons and daughters of the town

  • Mihai Leu ( * 1968 ), WBO, World Boxing Champion
  • Vasile Stîngă ( b. 1957 ), Romanian handball player and coach
  • Florea Văetuş ( b. 1956 ), the Romanian football player

Connected to Hunedoara

  • Maria Cioncan (1977-2007), Romanian track and field athlete and Olympian, honorary citizen of Hunedoara