IAAF Continental Cup

The IAAF Continental Cup, up to and including 2006, discharged as athletics World Cup, is an international athletics event, which is organized by the Athletics IAAF.

Currently, the Continental Cup is held every four years and was most recently in 2010 in Split instead. Since this discharge is not only the name of the event has changed, but also the regulations. Occur, the four teams Africa, America, Australasia ( Oceania / Asia ) and Europe against each other. In each competition launch two members of each team and at the middle and long distance three members, with even there only the top two athletes from each team will be counted. The winning team is determined by adding the points that achieve the representatives of each team in the individual disciplines. The men 's and women's results are added.


The alignment of the World Cup was decided at the 30th meeting of the IAAF in 1976, starting with the first held in 1977 in Dusseldorf and every two years thereafter. According to the former IAAF President Adriaan Paulen were the reasons that the World Cup has been launched:

  • The solidarity and friendship among athletes around the world to strengthen.
  • Outstanding athletes with the opportunity to prove themselves between the Olympic Games.
  • The development of athletics around the world to advance.

The first three World Cups in 1977, 1979 and 1981 took place as planned. Because of the newly formed World Athletics Championships, which were held for the first time in 1983, the period of holding of the World Cup changed. From the year 1981, the World Cup to be held every four years. This scheme was, however, with the World Cup in 1992, which took place three years after the World Cup of 1989 breached. The next World Cup was held in 1994. After the four-year cycle was restored.

The countries participating in the World Cup athletes representing individual countries or continents. Were eligible to eight teams - three national teams and five Continental selections: The three national teams, the United States and the winner and runner-up of the Athletics European Cup. For this, the Continental selections from Europe came ( without the two Bestplatziertesten at the European Cup ), the Americas (excluding the United States ), Africa, Asia and Oceania. Had the stadium of the host an additional career, as was allowed to the host set up a team. The results of the men's and women's teams were determined separately until 2006.

In 2008, the IAAF the current format and the renaming of the event decided.


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