ICA stands for:

  • Independent component analysis, a method for pattern recognition / signaling separation
  • Independent Computing Architecture, a network protocol of the company Citrix
  • Inköpscentralernas Aktiebolaget, a Swedish supermarket chain
  • Innovative Communications Alliance (Microsoft - Nortel alliance to deliver unified communications customers worldwide).
  • Instituto do Cinema e do Audiovisual, state Filmförderungsanstalt Portugal
  • Intercompany Agreement, an agreement between Group companies
  • International Co-operative Alliance, the International Cooperative Association
  • International Cartographic Association, International Cartographic Association, see
  • International Christian Association, a human rights organization
  • International Council on Archives, International Council on Archives, see
  • International Communication Association, an international association that focuses on the scientific level with the topics of communication and mass media
  • International Congress of Americanists
  • International Camera Actiengesellschaft, a former camera manufacturers from Dresden
  • Institute of Contemporary Arts, an art gallery in London
  • Irish Citizen Army, a forerunner of today's IRA
  • Inter Callings Analysis, a method of analyzing Views structures in program code
  • Controlling International Association
  • Internal carotid artery, English for the internal carotid artery
  • Jewish Colonization Association
  • International Commission for Acoustics

Ica stands for:

  • Ica, a Peruvian regional capital
  • Ica ( region ), a Peruvian region
  • Ica (river), a river in Peru (it)
  • Içá, a tributary of the Amazon, which is known outside Brazil as Putumayo
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