Ilie Matei

Ilie Matei ( born July 11, 1960 in Suceava ) is a former Romanian wrestler and winner of the silver medal at the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles in the Greco-Roman style in the light heavyweight division.


Ilie Matei grew up in Suceava and began as a teenager with the rings. He is Moldovan descent. Ilie Matei specialized in the Graeco-Roman. Style and developed with the then enormous in the former Eastern Bloc state support ( State Amateur) soon became the best heavyweight wrestlers of Romania and to a top international wrestlers. His debut on the international wrestling mat in the seniors he gave at the Balkan Games 1979 in Yambol. He won there against such wrestlers as top Atanas Komtschew from Bulgaria, Josef Tertelj from Yugoslavia and Seyfullah Sahingöz from Turkey.

From 1981, Ilie Matei then started regularly at major international championships at senior level. After a 7th place at the World Championships in 1981 in Oslo, he missed in 1982 with fourth places at the European Championships in Varna and at the World Championships in Katowice both times only just a medal. He failed in those years most of the time the wrestler scene heavyweight dominant Igor Kanygin from the USSR, Frank Andersson from Sweden and Atanas Komtschew who had developed enormously.

At the European Championships 1983 in Budapest Ilie Matei then won with a third place behind Kanygin and Komtschew his first bronze medal at an international championship, which was followed by a fifth place in Kiev at the World Championships the same year.

In 1984, Ilie Matei began with a 5th place at the European Championship in Jonkoping in the light heavyweight division. At the Olympic Games this year in Los Angeles then he used the opportunity and won behind the Americans Steve Fraser the silver medal. In an extremely tight battle course he lost it against Fraser with a score of 1:1 only by a controversial referee decision.

In 1985, Ilie Matei confirmed the silver medal in Los Angeles by an excellent second place at the European Championships in Leipzig. He lost it in the final against Igor Kanygin. At the World Cup 1985 in Kolbotn / Norway he landed on the 4th Place.

1986 won Ilie Matei at the European Championships in Athens again a medal and also reached in 1987, again good results both at the World Championships in Clermont- Ferrand, as well as at the European Championships in Tampere.

At the end of the Ringer 1987 Ilie Matei resigned from the International Ringer happening. He had an impressive career and always placed behind the front panel of the championships in which he participated. Ilie Matei studied at the Institute of Sport and Physical Education of the University of Suceava and then worked as a sports teacher.

International success

(OS = Olympic Games, WM = World Championship, European Championship EM =, GR = Greek and Roman. Styles, Hs = light heavyweight, S = Heavy weight, then up to 90 kg or 100 kg body weight)


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