Imogen Heap

Imogen Heap [ ɪmədʒɨn hi ː p] (born 9 December 1977) is a British singer, composer, musician and music producer from Essex. She was known by her own name and in collaboration with Guy Sigsworth by Frou Frou project.


As the daughter of parents very interested in art Imogen Heap learned in their childhood playing various instruments ( piano, cello, clarinet, marimba ) and began early to compose your own music. After the divorce of her parents, she was sent to a boarding school at the age of twelve years. During this time she acquired in her spare time, independent knowledge of music production and sampling on an Atari computer. After graduation, she attended the BRIT School and signed at the age of 17 years, her first recording contract for the record label Almo Sounds.

In 1996, she led on at their first live performance four songs between concerts by The Who and Eric Clapton in Hyde Park in London. In 1997 she was given the opportunity to play in the recording of a song by Bon Jovi piano.

1998 her debut album iMegaphone, which has often been compared by critics to works by PJ Harvey, Kate Bush and Annie Lennox. In addition to its own productions she worked for her debut album with David Kahne, Dave Stewart and Guy Sigsworth together.

As Almo Sounds was acquired by Universal, the contract was terminated with it.

Imogen Heap kept in contact with Guy Sigsworth Producer upright. He invited her to his studio, in which she wrote the lyrics to a song for his new project. The collaboration worked excellent and so was Sigsworth solo project from the duo Frou Frou. The album details released in August 2002, but did not reach the expected commercial success, the label Iceland Records withdrew its option for a second album. Iceland made ​​heap instead the offer for a solo deal, but they would not accept. 2004 the album was belatedly given attention when the song Let Go for the movie Garden State and The Holiday ( Original title: The Holiday ) was used.

2004 Imogen Heap pledged her home in order to finance the production of a new solo album can. Later that year, she placed it done. The song Hide and Seek was used for the second season of the television series The OC, and increased awareness of heap enormous. Due to the positive response they headed for the third season Speeding Cars and Hallelujah at. The song Hide and Seek was also used as soundtrack for the movie The Last Kiss.

Because of their bad experiences with record labels to heap decided to start her own label Megaphonic Records. The album was released on 18 July 2005 under the title Speak for yourself and became a bigger success than expected. In August of that year, RCA Victor licensed the work and published it in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. On January 11, 2006, led to the second single from the album ( Goodnight and Go ) in the Late Night Show with David Letterman. When she returned from the U.S., where she had already sold 120,000 records. Their U.S. tour in 2006 was a great success in mostly sold-out houses. In fall 2006 appearances followed in her native Britain and other appearances in the United States. The official Germany, sales of the album Speak for Yourself began in January 2007 on Sony BMG Germany. Matching to Imogen Heap was until end of January 2007 on a European tour.

Then they went into the land of her childhood home, renovated it together with friends and set up in a room with a fireplace, a studio. The work on the house, the construction of the studios and details of their everyday life as the driving test and buying a vintage car with the name Abigail, she documented with weekly movies that have published them as a video blog on YouTube. It presented again and again short excerpts of new songs before that appeared on her new album, which was released on 24 August 2009 and entitled " ELLIPSE " bears. For this album, she was awarded on 31 January 2010 with the Grammy " Best Engineered Non-Classical Album". In addition, she was nominated for " Best Pop Instrumental Performance " with the song " The Fire" in the category.


Solo albums

By Frou Frou

  • 2002 - Details (Album ) ( Iceland, MCA )
  • 2002 - Breathe In ( Single) ( Iceland Records / Universal)

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